Best UEVR Games to Play Today (Flat2VR Mod)

best uevr games to play unreal engine flat2vr
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I’ve spent the last several months playing and testing hundreds of games using Praydog’s UEVR mod, which turns flatscreen games into full virtual reality. In this guide, I’ll tell you the 11 best UEVR games you must play in virtual reality today.

For each game, I’ll explain why it’s awesome to play in general and then let you know how Praydog’s VR mod transforms the game into an even better experience.

Use the links below to purchase each game and get setup today. If you have any other suggestions, comment at the bottom of this guide!

What are the Best UEVR Games?

  1. Hogwarts Legacy

  2. Robocop: Rogue City

  3. Stray

  4. Abzu

  5. Lies of P

  6. Crash Bandicoot 4

  7. EA Sports WRC

  8. Fallen Order

  9. Satisfactory

  10. Astroneer

  11. Squad

Quick UEVR Overview

To learn more, click here to view our complete guide for Praydog’s UEVR mod.

In a nutshell, the UEVR mod turns flat-screen games into full virtual reality. It works by injecting code into Unreal Engine games, which are built on the UE4 platform.

UEVR runs in the background while you launch your game in Steam. Then, you put on your VR headset, and the game transforms your view into full first-person games. UEVR supports hundreds of games, and many favorite games are tested and improved each week for compatibility.

UEVR is completely free, and all PCVR headsets work. You can play hundreds of games in full VR with the mod

Criteria for the Best UEVR Games

To make it onto my list of favorite UEVR games, I look for the following criteria:

  • The game is fun to play and highly rated

  • It has high compatibility with UEVR using Unreal Engine

  • 6 DoF full motion controls are supported

  • The amount of customization required to get the game working is none or minimal

If these things sound good to you, then you will love the games on the list below. Next, I take a look at the best Unreal Engine VR games in more detail!

Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is an action role-playing game set in the Harry Potter universe. Being able to move through the grounds and walls of Hogwarts school is a big deal and I really want you to try it out in virtual reality too.

This game transports players back to the late 1800s, offering a unique prequel perspective to the Harry Potter series. As a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, you have to attend classes, learn spells, explore the vast school grounds, and engage in magical battles against creatures and rivals.

The game’s story extends over 30 hours, not including a ton of side quests and open-world activities that enrich the gameplay experience further.

hogwarts legacy uevr tips

Hogwarts Legacy in VR

With the implementation of Praydog’s UnrealVR mod, Hogwarts Legacy ascends to a new level of immersion. Players can now step directly into the magical world of Hogwarts, experiencing the wonder of the universe from a first-person or over-the-shoulder perspective.

Despite the heavy specs required to run the original game, Praydog’s mod does mostly well. Read our full Hogwarts Legacy UEVR guide for specific settings to change and adjust.

The VR adaptation enhances the enchanting landscapes and spellcasting with motion controls, bringing the wizarding experience to life in a way previously unimagined.


I’ve always been a fan of the iconic RoboCop franchise, so diving into the game in UEVR was a thrilling experience. RoboCop is a first-person shooter game set in the dystopian streets of Old Detroit, where you assume the role of the iconic cyborg law enforcer. The game features intense gunplay, over-the-top violence, and a storyline involving battling against criminal elements and corrupt corporations.

While this game hasn’t received notable awards, its popularity stems from its faithful adaptation of the beloved RoboCop universe and Rogue City, plus its nostalgic appeal to fans of ’80s action movies.

robocop best uevr game

Robocop in VR

In UEVR, the game’s graphics retain their retro charm while benefiting from the immersive nature of virtual reality. The ability to step into RoboCop’s metallic shoes and roam the dystopian cityscape adds a new layer of intensity to the gameplay.

While the game lacks native motion control support, it does have 6DoF implementation so that you can move around the environment freely. Just connect your Bluetooth controller to your VR headset and you are good to go.

What I particularly enjoy about the game is its immersive experience, allowing me to step into the shoes of RoboCop and uphold justice in a futuristic metropolis.


Stray is a third-person adventure game where you take on the role of a lost cat moving around a decaying cybercity. Set out on a journey to untangle ancient mysteries, make unlikely allies, and find a way back home.

Stray has gained popularity for its unique premise, immersive world, and adorable protagonist. Living in the world at one foot tall is a lot of fun.

stray best uevr game

Stray in VR

In UEVR, the game’s graphics take on a new level of depth and detail, immersing you in the cybercity’s neon-lit alleys and murky environments. The implementation of 6DoF allows for fluid movement and interaction within the environment, which enhances the sense of immersion.

What I particularly enjoy about the UEVR game is the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of a cat and engage with the environment in playful and unexpected ways. Your camera view is a little disorienting as a cat, but it works.

From stealthy maneuvers to silly antics, navigating the city as a cat adds a unique and enjoyable twist to the gaming experience.


Abzu is another great UEVR game to lay your hands on. It’s a visually stunning underwater adventure game developed by Giant Squid Studios. It was created by Matt Nava, the art director behind acclaimed games like “Journey” and “Flower.”

In Abzu, you dive into a mesmerizing ocean world filled with vibrant marine life, stunning seascapes, and ancient ruins. The game emphasizes exploration, relaxation, and interaction with the underwater environment. The whole experience is serene and immersive you uncover the secrets of the deep.

abzu best uevr games

Abzu in VR

One thing I like about the game in UEVR is that it allows me to experience the serenity and majesty of the ocean in virtual reality. This forms a powerful connection with sea life and uncovers ancient secrets hidden in the depths.

The game retains its stunning visuals in UEVR with unparalleled detail and beauty. You can adjust settings for optimal VR comfort and enjoy fluid acrobatics as you navigate the underwater landscapes.

Lies of P

Lies of P is a souls-like game that reimagines the story of Pinocchio against the backdrop of a darkly elegant Belle Epoque era. In the game, you play as a puppet made by Geppetto, stuck in a city called Krat, filled with lies and scary monsters.

You walk through streets covered in blood and discover secrets about the city’s important people. Along the way, you must choose whether to tell the truth or lie, shaping how the story goes.

I like how the game looks, and its exciting story keeps me interested. It’s cool that the choices I make affect what happens next.

lies of p in virtual reality

Lies of P in VR

The game also works well in UEVR, making me feel like I’m in the spooky city of Krat. Adjusting the VR settings makes sure the game feels comfortable with just a little effort.

Check out our full Lies of P in VR guide for more detail.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time

Crash Bandicoot 4 is a colorful and action-packed platformer game. This is the first title in the series launched on Steam around the same time as on PlayStation.

In the game, you take control of Crash and his sister Coco as they embark on a time-traveling adventure to stop the evil plans of Neo Cortex and N. Tropy. Throughout the game, you’ll encounter challenging levels filled with obstacles, enemies, and hidden secrets to discover.

I like its nostalgic charm and challenging gameplay. The game stays true to the classic Crash Bandicoot formula while introducing new mechanics and abilities to keep things fresh. I love the vibrant and colorful worlds I explore and the satisfaction of mastering each level and collecting all the hidden gems. Plus, the humorous characters and whimsical atmosphere always make me smile as I embark on Crash’s latest adventure.

crash bandicoot 4 best uevr game

Crash Bandicoot 4 in VR

Crash Bandicoot 4 in UEVR excels in its stunning visual presentation, which brings Crash’s vibrant and colorful world to life in virtual reality. By adjusting the field of view and movement speed, you can improve the experience in UEVR.

Plus, CB4 features full motion control support. Being able to use your VR controllers instead of a Bluetooth console controller is a nice perk.

EA Sports WRC

EA Sports WRC is a rally racing game developed by the team behind the DiRT Rally series and is the official video game of the FIA World Rally Championship. In the game, you can build your dream rally car and compete in multi-event championships against players on other platforms.

I enjoy playing EA Sports WRC because it allows me to experience the excitement of rally racing from my home. I can customize my car, compete in challenging championships, and strive to set the fastest stage times against other players. The game’s realistic physics and intense competition keep me engaged and coming back for more.

ea sports wrc best uevr game

EA Sports WRC in VR

EA Sports WRC renders surprisingly well in UEVR. The game’s detailed environments and realistic car models truly shine in virtual reality. This lets you feel right in the driver’s seat as you tear through challenging rally stages.

Supporting features like Nvidia DLSS and AMD Fidelity ensure smooth performance and enhanced graphics.

EA has announced its own VR support for this Unreal Engine game. I hope that this is a preview of what’s to come in the future as more game studios embrace virtual reality, including the Meta Quest, Apple Vision Pro, and other PC VR headsets.

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

In Fallen Order, you embark on a thrilling 3rd person action-adventure journey as a Jedi Padawan navigating the aftermath of Order 66. The game follows the story of a Padawan striving to complete their training, master powerful Force abilities, and wield the iconic lightsaber while evading the Empire’s relentless pursuit.

I like the game because it offers an immersive Star Wars experience with its captivating narrative, intense lightsaber combat, and strategic gameplay elements. As I explore the galaxy and uncover its mysteries, I feel like a true Jedi hero fighting against the forces of darkness and oppression.

fallen order best uevr game

Fallen Order in VR

In UEVR, Fallen Order lets you feel like you’re truly stepping into the Star Wars universe. The atmospheric sound design and cinematic presentation further enhance the immersion, making you feel like you’re in the middle of an epic Star Wars adventure.


Satisfactory is a first-person, open-world factory-building game that combines exploration and combat. In the game, you can embark on solo adventures or team up with friends to explore an alien planet, construct multi-story factories, and revel in the joy of conveyor belt logistics.

Satisfactory is one of my favorites because it offers a unique blend of creativity, exploration, and automation. The freedom to build massive factories and automate production processes is incredibly satisfying while exploring the alien planet, which adds an exciting sense of discovery to the gameplay experience.

satisfactory best uevr flat2vr game

Satisfactory in VR

The game’s vast open world and diverse environments come to life in UEVR, which allows you to feel like you’re truly exploring an alien planet. The attention to detail in the game’s design, from the unique fauna and creatures to the sprawling factory complexes, adds to the sense of immersion and wonder.

Additionally, the game’s customizable factory building mechanics and varied transportation options, such as vehicles and jump pads, further enhance the immersive experience in virtual reality.


Astroneer is a game of aerospace industry and interplanetary exploration set in the 25th-century Intergalactic Age of Discovery. You take on the role of Astroneers, brave explorers who venture into the frontiers of outer space to unearth rare discoveries and unlock the mysteries of the universe.

In this space sandbox adventure, you can do things like:

  • build up and explore different planets

  • build custom bases

  • create vehicles to travel to other areas

  • uncover mysterious structures

astroneer best uvr game

Astroneer in VR

The game’s dynamic weather effects, such as storms and atmospheric phenomena, are awesome to experience in VR. You can also enjoy seamless transitions between different biomes and regions and smooth performance and optimization for VR headsets, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience.

With the ability to interact with and manipulate the terrain using intuitive controls, you can feel like you’re shaping the world around you and embarking on epic interplanetary adventures in UEVR.


Squad is a tactical first-person shooter (FPS) that places you amid intense 100-player battles in realistic military environments. In the game, you work together as part of a 50-person team, each forming smaller squads to coordinate strategies and overcome enemy forces.

One of my favorite things about Squad is in realism. From the meticulously crafted weapons and vehicles to the sprawling maps that mirror real-world environments, every aspect of the game is designed to immerse you in the chaos and intensity of battle.

squad best uevr games

Squad in VR

When you activate the VR mod using UEVR, Squad takes on a whole new dimension. The immersive nature of virtual reality amplifies the intensity of the combat, putting you right in the thick of the action. From the adrenaline rush of a firefight to the tension of a stealthy infiltration, every moment feels heightened in VR.

With intuitive controls and seamless gameplay mechanics, you’ll have no trouble adapting to the new medium, allowing you to focus on the task at hand: emerging victorious on the battlefield.


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