BOBOVR M3 Pro Review: The Best Elite Strap Alternative for Meta Quest 3?

bobovr m3 pro review
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In this BOBOVR M3 Pro review, we’re diving headfirst (pun intended!) into enhanced VR comfort.

The BOBOVR M3 Pro Head Strap is a Meta Quest 3 accessories game-changer. This nifty gadget promises to keep your head in the game without the usual ‘VR face’ imprint.

Is it the best Quest 3 elite strap alternative?

Keep reading as I review all the juicy details about the BOBOVR M3 Pro’s fit, battery life, and why it might just be your Quest 3’s new best friend.

BOBOVR M3 Pro Overview

The BOBOVR M3 Pro is an elite strap alternative accessory that enhances the Meta Quest 3. VR experience. It is the next generation of the M2, the best-selling head strap for the Meta Quest 2.

Having experienced the BOBOVR M3 Pro firsthand, I can confidently say it’s a game-changer for Meta Quest users. The suspended design and multi-point adjustment make a noticeable difference in reducing facial pressure, making extended VR sessions more comfortable. Removing the facial interface for MR mode adds an extra layer of immersion, giving you flexibility in your virtual experiences.

bobovr m3 pro side installed

One major feature I really like in the BOBOVR M3 Pro is the convenient power supply system. The magnetic quick-release design on the dedicated battery pack enables easy detachment and charging without interrupting VR use. The dedicated B2 battery pack is lightweight, effectively balancing the weight on the head.

With the ability to hot-swap two battery packs (the second battery pack is sold separately), users can enjoy virtually unlimited battery life. Each single battery pack adds about two extra hours of playtime.

Overall, the BOBOVR M3 Pro is a well-designed and practical accessory, providing enhanced comfort and extended usage for Meta Quest users.

bobovr m3 pro rear halo design

BOBOVR M3 Key Features

Here are the key features of BOBOVR M3 you will be interested in:

Improved Fit

The BOBOVR M3 has an upgraded fit with its halo strap design, replacing the default soft strap. This enhancement provides a more secure and comfortable fit during extended VR sessions.

The halo strap evenly distributes the weight, reducing pressure on the face and ensuring a snug and gentle grip. It supports multi point adjustment so that you can fine-tune how it sits to match your head shape even more.

This improved fit translates to a better comfort level, making virtual reality experiences more immersive and enjoyable.

bobovr m3 pro side view review

Magnetic Battery Swap Design

The magnetic quick-release battery pack design sets the BOBOVR M3 apart. This feature allows for seamless battery swaps, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay.

With the ability to quickly detach and charge the battery, you can extend your VR sessions without waiting for recharging. This magnetic design adds a level of convenience that enhances your overall experience. The batteries are hot swappable, so you don’t even have to take off your headset.

The Meta Quest 3 does tend to draw more power than the Quest 2 did, making the dual battery design in the Bobo VR headset even more worth it.

bobovr m3 pro swappable battery pack design

Lightweight Weight Balance

Designed with user comfort in mind, the BOBOVR M3 achieves optimal weight balance. The dedicated B2 battery pack weighs a mere 140g, effectively balances the front and rear weights of the VR headset.

This lightweight design reduces strain on the head, enabling you to enjoy longer and more comfortable VR sessions without compromising stability.

Designed for the Meta Quest 3

Tailored specifically for the Meta Quest 3, the BOBOVR M3 excels in fit and aesthetics. The accessory seamlessly integrates with the Meta Quest 3, ensuring a perfect match in terms of design and functionality.

This thoughtful design enhances the overall look and provides a secure and reliable attachment to the VR headset.

Easy Setup

Setting up the BOBOVR M3 is a straightforward process. Follow these simple steps for installation:

  1. Carefully remove the installed head strap from the Meta Quest 3.

  2. Place the M3 Pro fixing arm over the speaker structure on both sides of the Meta Quest 3.

  3. Attach the back of the head support to the slot on the head strap.

  4. Thread the webbing through the Meta Quest 3 retaining ring, spacing it 1-2cm apart.

The whole process only takes a minute or two.

bobovr m3 pro review for meta quest 3

What I Don’t Like About the BOBOVR M3 Pro

While the BOBOVR M3 Pro undoubtedly enhances the Meta Quest experience, a few aspects could be improved.

Let me start with the installation process. Though generally straightforward, the installation process can be finicky, especially compared to other VR accessories on the market. Aligning the fixing arm and threading the webbing through the retaining ring requires patience.

The other big drawback is the charging power of the battery pack. The BOBO VR only draws about 18 watts of power in charging mode. However, the Meta Quest 3 draws about 26 watts of power while in use!

This means that even when your battery is plugged in, your Quest 3 will lose life from the headset’s battery.

Despite these minor concerns, improved comfort and extended playtime make the BOBOVR M3 Pro a worthwhile investment for Meta Quest users.

BOBOVR Alternatives

If you want to check out other companies, here are the top three alternatives to the BOBOVR M3 head strap that I would recommend:

YOGES Battery Strap

The YOGES Battery Strap emerges as a compelling alternative to the BOBOVR M3, thanks to its focus on comfort, extended playtime, and safety features. The soft and thick leather cushions, along with the ergonomic design, reduce the burden on the head, providing a comfortable and immersive experience during prolonged VR sessions.

The plug-and-play design of the battery elite strap allows you to charge the Quest 3 headset directly, extending the battery life by approximately two hours without interrupting gameplay. The built-in 5000mAh industrial-grade battery ensures safety with certifications and protection against overcharging, overcurrent, and overvoltage.

Additionally, the adjustable size and gear-type knob offer a customizable fit, enhancing stability and comfort during gaming sessions.

BUSQUEDA Comfort Head Strap

The BUSQUEDA Comfort Head Strap is another excellent alternative to the BOBOVR M3. I like this product because the manufacturer prioritizes comfort, convenience, and versatility for Meta Quest 3 users. Its ergonomic design and adjustable features allow for a personalized and snug fit, reducing facial pressure and evenly distributing weight for prolonged comfort during VR sessions.

The 90° adjustable hinge adds a practical touch, enabling you to quickly flip up the headset without removing the head strap. This provides quick access to your surroundings.

The lightweight and balanced construction further enhances the overall experience, aligning the headset comfortably over your eyes.

The compact design of the BUSQUEDA makes it easy to carry and store, fitting seamlessly into the Meta Quest 3 Official Carrying Case or other third-party cases for convenient travel.

Saqico Head Strap

The Saqico Head Strap can also give the BOBOVR M3 a run for its money. At its core, the Saqico Head Strap excels in comfort and convenience, and its design is tailored specifically for the Meta Quest 3.

Its soft top flexible strap, increased head cushion thickness, and easy-to-clean PU leather surface ensure a comfortable and pressure-reducing experience during prolonged VR sessions. The upgraded 60° flippable hinge adds a practical touch for effortless wear and removal, which is particularly beneficial for glasses-wearing users.

The soft, flexible silicone back pad enhances balance and comfort, featuring an anti-sweat and waterproof design for easy maintenance. With a lightweight and portable design, compatibility with Meta Quest 3 accessories, and a focus on user comfort, the Saqico Head Strap emerges as a strong alternative.

Is the BOBOVR M3 the Best Elite Strap for the Meta Quest 3?

Yes, I think so. However, the answer isn’t as clear as it was with the BOBO M2 design.

A lot of manufacturers have improved or copied the BOB VR design to create something very similar to this elite strap alternative. However, BOBO has a lot of brand loyalty to me, and they will break the tie for best headstrap for me every time.


In conclusion, the BOBOVR M3 Pro is a leading choice for Meta Quest 3 users seeking an elite strap alternative. Its innovative features, such as the magnetic quick-release battery pack, improved fit with halo strap design, and lightweight weight balance, significantly enhance the VR experience.

While it faces stiff competition from alternatives, the BOBOVR M3 Pro’s blend of comfort, convenience, and extended playtime make it a top contender. Despite minor installation and charging efficiency drawbacks, the BOBOVR M3 Pro battery head strap remains a worthwhile investment for those who want to reduce facial stress while playing virtual reality and is a huge improvement over the stock strap.


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