Dungeons of Eternity VR Tips to Try Today

dungeons of eternity vr tips
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Dungeons of Eternity is a unique new dungeon crawling VR game for the Meta Quest. In this guide, I’ll show you specific Dungeons of Eternity VR tips to help you play better and have more fun.

These tips are specifically related to:

  • doing better at dungeon raids

  • using devices more efficiently

  • choosing the right weapons

  • getting upgrades faster

If you have any other Dungeons of Eternity VR tips to share, comment below and let me know!

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What is Dungeons of Eternity?

Dungeons of Eternity is a dungeon crawler VR game where players can band together with other heroes to explore dungeons, gather loot, and combat hordes of monsters using a variety of weapons. It’s a dream come true for fans of fantasy roguelike dungeon crawlers. The game features a solid player base, a well-functioning multiplayer mode, and an amazing combat system.

The game just recently launched and will gain more polish and content updates in the future.

This VR game supports 1-3 player co-op gameplay and includes physics-based combat and randomized dungeons. Unlike traditional Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) games which rely on dice rolls, Dungeons of Eternity emphasizes players’ abilities to swing a sword, cast spells, or fire arrows, making it a more action-oriented experience. This game allows for co-op multiplayer, where players can team up to navigate the challenges together.

Dungeons of Eternity was released on October 5th, 2023, five days before the Meta Quest 3 virtual reality headset.

Dungeons of Eternity VR Tips to Try Today

Why is Dungeons of Eternity So Fun?

I think there are a few features that make this game unique and more exciting than a lot of other VR games released this year, including:

  1. You can play solo or with friends

  2. The dungeons are unique each time you play one

  3. There is enough variety to keep your coming back for more

  4. There is the right mix of exploration and action

  5. The melee weapons and combat feels lifelike

How to Buy Dungeons of Eternity

Dungeons of Eternity is available on the official Meta store. The game is only available for the Meta Quest Android platform is is not available on Steam.

Next, I’ll show you some important tips and tricks about the game you need to know.

The Best Dungeons of Eternity VR Tips

How to Beat Red Dungeon Raids

Red dungeons are the most typical style, where you have to search and navigate the dungeon searching for loot like:

  • blueprints

  • potions

  • gold

You will encounter various smaller monsters and a final boss throughout the dungeon. I recommend playing these dungeons with a friend, especially if you are a new player or the dungeon feels too challenging.

dungeons of eternity vr tips room select

How to Beat Green Dungeon Raids (Soul Harvest)

In the green dungeons, you have to gather the souls of slain foes. These souls are crucial for unlocking potion recipes in the fabricator. To beat this dungeon, prepare to fight and use your melee skills to defeat enemies around you.

Try to always have an escape route planned in case enemies overwhelm you.

How to Beat Blue Dungeon Raids (Crystal Hunt)

Players need to locate the cosmic crystal in blue dungeons and use it on an ancient machine. Completing this dungeon rewards players with exo points, which are used for passive character upgrades.

I think blue dungeons are important because the upgrades can help you go back and complete other levels. However, blue dungeons also require more strategy and skill to complete.

Learn to Use the Fabricator

The fabricator device allows players to craft items from the blueprints they find in dungeon raids. Additionally, souls collected from the Soul Harvest dungeons can be used to unlock new potion recipes. Understanding what you can make is key to progressing through Dungeons of Eternity.

Weapons can also be crafted using gold.

Understand the Exo Point Board

Players can unlock passive upgrades for their characters here on the Exo Point board. These upgrades are purchased using exo points earned in the Crystal Hunt dungeons.

However, you must remember that upgrades can only be unlocked as the player levels up their character. So, you have to balance completing levels with upgrading your character.

Customize Your Avatar

Inside the dungeons, players might come across items like small pouches or cosmetics such as different colored eyes, hair, or clothes. These items are purely cosmetic and don’t offer any stat boosts.

However, these items can personalize your avatar and give you a unique style. They are a simple addition that makes the game fun without being too distracting.

Maximize Your Loadout

You can load up to three weapon load-outs to switch between before entering a dungeon. This allows for flexibility in combat, so use this wisely.

For example, you might have one melee setup with a shield and sword and a different ranged weapons setup with a crossbow. These decisions give you more flexibility depending on the style you want to play.

Learn the Different Exosuits

You can equip any exosuits you’ve purchased before heading into the dungeon. Exosuits offer potential upgrades and improvements that you earn by using them in battle.

Look For White Gems

During dungeon exploration, players might find white gems. These gems are used to power a magical staff during combat.

Currently, they serve no other purpose, but they do make you stronger.

dungeons of eternity vr tips power gem

Look For Rare Staffs

If a staff doesn’t seem to emit magic, it might be a common rarity. Such staffs may glow but are non-magical and can be used for physical attacks.

Understand Your Dungeon Difficulties

On the world map, there are four biome icons indicating dungeon difficulty. Starting from the left, dungeons are easier but get harder as you move to the right. Dungeons also adapt to the number of players in a party and their levels.

As you progress through the game, you will face tougher enemies with stronger attacks and more health.

Looting After A Dungeon

After completing a dungeon, remember that you can keep potions, keys, and bombs for the next map. However, if you log out, you will have to start fresh with nothing.

I recommend that you fabricate potions at the start and then loot everything else during the dungeon. Always make sure to carry over your items into the next map.

dungeons of eternity vr tips looting

Saving Keys in Soul Harvest Dungeons

You should always save your keys after defeating all three waves in the Soul Harvest dungeons. A bigger chest awaits at the end, which can be unlocked with all of your keys for even better rewards.

Smash Pots and Crates

Make sure you smash any pots and crates you encounter in the dungeons. These items often contain valuable items like rubies or golden potions, essential for sustaining longer dungeon runs.

Learn How to Navigate Pitch-Black Areas

In some sections of the map, players might encounter completely dark areas. In these spots, look for unlit torches, pick them up, find a fire source to light them, and illuminate the area for better visibility.

The game doesn’t always make it obvious that these different items can be interacted with.

Weapon Choices and Controls

In Dungeon of Eternity, you can access various weapons such as a throwable axe and bow and arrow. The controls for these weapons are intuitive, allowing players to throw the axe and call it back with the grip button.

The bow and arrow mechanics are also fluid, ensuring a smooth gameplay experience. Mastering these weapons can provide a significant advantage during gameplay.

Looting and Upgrades

Throughout the game, players collect gold and other loot. This collected gold can be spent to upgrade the player’s character.

Specifically, there’s a “fabricator” where players can craft potions and other items. Using the fabricator effectively and regularly upgrading one’s character can enhance the player’s abilities and chances of success in the dungeons.

dungeons of eternity vr tips upgrades

Procedurally Generated Dungeons

The dungeons in Dungeon of Eternity are procedurally generated, meaning each dungeon offers a unique layout and experience. This ensures you encounter diverse challenges and enemies each time, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging.

Also, boss fights add an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the game. Being adaptable and prepared for the unknown can be beneficial due to the ever-changing nature of the dungeons.

dungeons of eternity vr tips map

Party Composition and Teamwork

Considering the diverse types of dungeons and challenges, strategize your role with your multiplayer friends. Combining different weapon loadouts and skills among party members can be beneficial.

Working together, communicating, and planning attacks can make tackling dungeons much easier, especially during boss fights.

Resource Management

With various resources like gold, souls, and exo points, players should prioritize what to spend on. It might be tempting to craft every new item blueprint or unlock every potion recipe, but it’s crucial to determine what’s immediately needed for upcoming challenges.

Exploration and Environment Interaction

Don’t just rush through the dungeons. Take time to explore every nook and cranny. Interacting with the environment might reveal hidden paths, loot, or even lore about the game world.

Some puzzles or challenges might require environmental interaction, so always be observant.

Practice with All Weapons

While the throwable axe and bow are highlighted, getting comfortable with all available weapons is beneficial.

Different challenges might require varied combat approaches, so mastering all weapon types will provide flexibility.

dungeons of eternity vr tips weapons combat

Backup Plans and Retreats

Not all battles need to be fought, and not all are winnable on the first try. A backup plan or knowing when to retreat can save your resources and life.

It’s okay to step back, regroup, and strategize before diving back in.

Engage with the Community

A wealth of knowledge is to be shared by experienced players in the game. Form friendships during multiplayer dungeon runs, and you will learn tips and tricks on playing better in the future.

Stay Updated with Game Changes

Dungeon crawlers like Dungeons of Eternity often receive updates, new content, or balance changes. Staying updated with patch notes and game news ensures you can adapt to changes and take advantage of new features or adjustments.

Invest in Passive Upgrades

While upgrading weapons and craft items is essential, don’t neglect passive upgrades. These can significantly boost a character’s abilities, making them more resilient, powerful, or efficient in dungeons.

Practice Makes Perfect

Lastly, like all games, practice is key. The more your familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics, dungeons, and challenges, the better you will perform.

Regular gameplay improves skills, strategies, and decision-making during intense battles.

dungeons of eternity vr tips practice makes perfect

Dungeons of Eternity Video Tips?

Looking for more gameplay video and tips for Dungeons of Eternity? Check out the video below:

Dungeons of Eternity is a lot of fun! [Quest 2 / Quest 3 / Quest Pro]


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