6 Best Meta Quest 2 Bundles to Go All In With

best meta quest 2 bundles to buy
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Are you looking to buy the Meta Quest 2 alongside some essential accessories and add-ons simultaneously? This guide will tell you about all the official and unofficial Meta Quest 2 bundles you can buy today.

In addition to the VR headset, you can also grab other things at the same time:

If you bought any of these Meta Quest 2 bundles, comment below and let me know what you went with!

What are the Best Meta Quest 2 Bundles?

  1. Pro Bundle with carrying case and elite strap
  2. Starter Bundle with carrying case
  3. Streamer Bundle with Oculus Link cable
  4. Charging Bundle with wireless charging dock
  5. Battery Life Bundle with custom elite strap and battery pack
  6. Audio Bundle with custom strap and high-quality headphones

Meta Quest 2 Pro Bundle

Perfect For: All VR gamers

The Pro bundle offers the Quest 2 VR headset and two of its most popular accessories: the official carrying case and the elite strap. If you plan on traveling a lot with your headset or showing it off at your friend’s place, then this is the right bundle for you. The elite strap is also more comfortable to wear, and you don’t have to adjust it as much if you are switching out with friends or family.

Carrying Case

The official carrying case is the perfect size for your Quest 2, controllers, and charger. Inside the case is foam moulding, which hugs all of your hardware and absorbs shock. The outside shell isn’t hard-body but sturdy enough. It comes with a double zipper.

Elite Strap

The elite strap is our number one Quest 2 accessory to purchase. It is an immediate upgrade over the Quest 2’s soft strap, which takes a bit to adjust the weight on your face. Instead, the elite strap has a dial on the back, which changes the tightness on your face.

Purchase the Quest 2 Pro bundle below!

Meta Quest 2 Starter Bundle

Perfect For: VR gamers who like to travel a lot

The Quest 2 Starter bundle comes with the same official carrying case but not the elite strap. It’s perfect for players who plan on traveling with their Quest 2 on vacation or to a friend’s house. The carrying case has the same quality and aesthetic as the headset.

If you don’t have the money to splurge on the elite strap (which I recommend you eventually do), then the Starter bundle is a good starting point.

Meta Quest 2 Streamer Bundle

Perfect For: PC VR Gamers who use SteamVR

The Quest 2 Streamer bundle comes with the official Oculus Link cable, which allows you to play PC VR games on your compatible gaming PC (Steam VR or Oculus Rift). If you already have a library of PC VR games, then the cable allows you to play zero latency VR games on the Quest 2.

For some people, this bundle might not be for you. Meta introduced Oculus Air Link in 2020, allowing you to play PC VR games over your wireless network wireless. And while the latency is slightly higher, it’s just as good as using the Link cable for most, doesn’t cost any extra money, and a cord doesn’t get in your way.

The official Oculus Link cable is of very high quality. It is thin, flexible, and with a length of 5 meters. It’s an optical USB-C cord. The official cable gives you the assurance of quality, reliability, and excellent performance. You can buy unofficial cables for less money, but they tend to break off at the ends after regular use.

Buy the Streamer bundle below!

Meta Quest 2 Charging Bundle

Perfect For: Those who get the urge to play at random times

The Quest 2 charging bundle isn’t an official bundle from Meta. However, you can still purchase the headset with Anker’s Quest-certified wireless charging dock. This gives you a nice home for your headset and controllers when you aren’t using it.

When you want to play, you can grab your hardware off the dock, which will be charged at 100%. This is key for playing long sessions of Bonelab mods or other Quest 2 games.

Anker Quest 2 Wireless Charging Dock

The charging dock by Anker is Quest-certified, meaning that it was designed in collaboration with Meta. It includes rechargeable batteries and a custom cover for your Quest 2 controllers, allowing you to place them onto this dock. You can charge your headset and controllers in just over 2 hours. It offers an excellent spot to place your equipment when you aren’t playing so that it is charged the next time you want to enter virtual reality.

Buy the Quest 2 headset and Anker Quest 2 dock below.

Meta Quest 2 Battery Life Bundle

Perfect For: VR gamers who want to play longer than 2 hours at a time

If you plan on playing longer sessions or switching out with family and friends, then grab this Quest 2 battery bundle today. It includes the BOBOVR M2 elite strap, which is the number one rated third-party head strap for the Quest 2. It’s more comfortable than the default soft strap and easy to put on and take off.

Along with the strap, this bundle comes with two battery packs that can be attached to the head strap at the back of your head. This provides an extra three hours of battery life and also acts as a counterweight so that the headset feels better on your head.

BOBOVR M2 Elite Strap

The M2 by BOBOVR is the most popular third-party head strap for the Meta Quest 2. It is lightweight and does a much better job acting as a counterweight for the headset on your face. It has a dial on the back that allows you to tighten or loosen it on your face. By itself, it’s also cheaper than the official Elite Strap.

BOBOVR Battery Pack

The BOBOVR battery pack is 5,200 mAh, and it doubles the headset’s battery life by itself. This Quest 2 battery bundle comes with two packages so that you triple your playtime! The packs can be hot-swapped, so you can remove and switch battery packs on the fly without losing your headset power.

The entire bundle also comes with a charging pad for your battery packs, so they are always ready to go.

Purchase the Quest 2 Battery Life bundle below!

Meta Quest 2 Audio Bundle

Perfect For: VR Audiophiles

The Quest 2 comes with speakers in the corners of the headset, which work out okay. If you prefer higher quality sound or more surround sound audio, then this Quest 2 Audio bundle is what you want. It comes with a custom elite strap from KIWI design with over-ear headphones included. These good quality over-ear headphones offer just as good of sound as on-ear headphones but are easier to remove.

KIWI Design On-Ear Audio Strap

The On-Ear Audio Strap by KIWI is a top-rated elite strap for the Quest 2 that is an upgrade over the basic soft strap. It distributes the headset’s weight better to be more comfortable on your face.

Attached to the strap are two on-ear headphones which sit close to your ears while you play. The 40 mm drivers on the speakers deliver solid sound at a wide frequency. One nice feature is that the strap can be rotated, so removing the strap and speakers is as easy as possible.

Check it out below and buy the Quest 2 + Audio Strap bundle today.


As you can see above, there is plenty of official and unofficial Meta Quest 2 bundles to look at. The ones I featured above are some of the most common combinations to check out. If you bought the Quest 2 headset and another accessory to pair with it, comment below and let me know!


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