5 Best QuestCraft Mods for Meta Quest (MineCraft VR For Quest)

best mods for questcraft
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Are you looking for the best mods for QuestCraft to enhance the gameplay and performance? Look no further!

This article has my favorite QuestCraft mods that you need to install right away. If you are still playing the stock version of the game, these mods improve nearly every aspect.

Plus, they are all free to install.

Key Takeaways

  • QuestCraft is the new standalone version of the popular sandbox video game, Minecraft. It is the Java wrapper of Minecraft that enables users to play the game in VR.
  • Mods are community-created enhancements that add new features or textures to the game.
  • Questcraft and its mods are completely free to install!
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What is QuestCraft?

best questcraft mods for the meat quest

QuestCraft is a playable standalone port of Minecraft: Java Edition for the Meta Quest headset. Minecraft VR was released for PC VR headsets, but there has never been a version for the Meta Quest. k

QuestCraft enables VR compatibility for Minecraft Java, and I am always surprised at how many features it offers.

Some of the highlights of Questcraft are:

  • Full-head tracking in Minecraft
  • Functional menus in VR
  • Full touch controller support
  • Button-based interactions
  • Ability to move items around in a pop-up inventory window

QuestCraft Drawbacks

QuestCraft acts as the wrapper to the Java version of Minecraft by making it launch Minecraft on the Quest headsets. 

The game is still in its beta version, so there are a few bugs that you’ll come across. For example, since it is a Java application wrapper, the primitive data types like int, char, byte, short, etc, are used as objects.

You may encounter performance issues because the game is not yet fully optimized. 

QuestCraft is evolving, but this shouldn’t stop you from getting your hands on the best QuestCraft mods and getting a feel for this new version of Minecraft. 

How Do You Install Mods for Questcraft?

To install any mods, you first must install the Fabric Loader into your Meta Quest game folder. You can use SideQuest to sideload Fabric Loader onto your device.

Use the installation video below to get things set:


Best Mods for QuestCraft

The below list of the best mods for QuestCraft will help you enhance the performance on QuestCraft.


5 Best QuestCraft Mods for Meta Quest (MineCraft VR For Quest)

Lithium is a general-purpose Minecraft optimization mod that improves several systems, including:

  • block ticking
  • game physics
  • mob AI

Lithium works on both the client and server. However, you may install it on servers alone without having to install on the clients. The mod promises a leaner game experience with 45% improvement in server tick times. 

The mod optimizes single-player and multiplayer servers, improving frame rates and player input responsiveness. 

The mod installation process is straightforward. Drop the mod into your mod folder once you install the latest Fabric Loader.  It doesn’t require any additional setup, not even Fabric API. 

Lithium works and pairs well with Phosphor and Sodium servers. Head over to the official page to learn more about the Lithium mod. 

Click here to install the Lithium Questcraft mod.

Cull Leaves

5 Best QuestCraft Mods for Meta Quest (MineCraft VR For Quest)

Cull Leaves is easily one of the best mods for QuestCraft you’ll come across. The mod allows you to add culling to leaf blocks. It is a recreation of the OptiFine mod’s ‘Smart Leaves’ feature. 

The ‘Smart Leaves’ feature removes any faces inside a tree, which enhances the performance with minimal visual damage. 

The mod provides a massive performance boost over the standard edition. When used with the Better Leaves Resourcepack, this mod can help increase frame rates. 

The mod is compatible with Sodium, Canvas, LambaBetterGrass, among other renderers.

Click here to download the Cull Leaves mod.


Starlight is a fabric mod to fix lighting performance and errors by rescripting the light engine. The mod was developed for high-scale dedicated servers to address performance issues caused by the ridiculously slow light engine. 

You may install Starlight mod on either the dedicated server or client. If you plan to install Starlight on the server, you may use Vanilla or Phosphor to connect and vice versa. 

Being an invasive mod, Starlight might break other mods more often, so expect it to happen when you use the mod. 

Important note: Minecraft improved lighting in version v1.2 of the game, which has made Starlight unnecessary on the client side.

Click here to check out the Starlight mod.

Iris Shaders

Iris is a shade pack for Questcraft that makes the entire game look improved with better graphics. Iris adds new shadows to the game that make it more pleasant to play in.

Since a VR headset exposes the graphics quality more than playing on your PC will, I think a shader pack is a must-have install. Otherwise, each block and texture becomes more noticeable.

For the most part, I think that Iris Shaders is optimized. You may notice a few more glitches and framerate drops, but the visual improvements are worth it.

Click here to install the Iris Shaders mod for Questcraft.


C^2M-E is one of my favorite mods for QuestCraft. C^2M-Engine (C2ME or Concurrent Chunk Management Engine) is a Fabric mod designed to improve the chunk performance of Minecraft. The chunk performance enhancement includes chunk generation, I/O, and loading. It is done by using multiple CPU cores in parallel. 

C2ME aims to make the game better threaded and more scalable in the context of world gen and chunk io performance. The mod is currently in the alpha stage and not fully functional yet. Although it is usable and was tested during build time, you might encounter issues when used with a production server. 

It is recommended to use C2ME with Lithium and Starlight servers for the best performance. 

Click here to download the C2ME relativity mod.

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More Fabric Mods for QuestCraft 

You can see more compatible mods by checking out this link to find the compatible mods for QuestCraft. The author advises against installing any mod not mentioned in the below sheet as they may be game-breaking or can corrupt the saved game. 

Next, you’ll learn how to install QuestCraft mods on the Quest headset.

How to Install the QuestCraft Mods on Quest Headsets – Step by Step

Installing the QuestCraft mods on Meta Quest is easy. Follow our guide to get the above recommended performance mods on your Quest 2 headset. 

  1. Go to the mod link mentioned under each mod above and download them on your desktop.
  1. Once downloaded, go to the Quest’s Internal Shared Storage folder on your PC.
  1. Head over to the Android folder and open the data folder.
  1. Search for the net.kdt.pojavlaunch.debug folder and select it.
  1. Open the files folder in the debug folder and select the .minecraft folder.
  1. Now, head over to the mods folder and paste all the mods you downloaded here.
  1. Finally, check the box for Do this for all conflicts and select Copy and Replace on the replace prompt that appears.

The performance mods are now installed on your Meta Quest headset. If you would like to install more mcxr-compatible Fabric mods, simply download them from the source location and put them in the same folder by following the same steps. 

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Conclusion: Get Your QuestCraft Mods Now!

QuestCraft is an exciting experience for those who want to play Minecraft on a standalone VR headset. Although the game is not fully optimized yet, it is a fun way to explore, craft, and build in the virtual world. 

The game’s performance is not something to boast about, but the above-mentioned performance mods will help you get the most out of the game, at least until the game is fully optimized for the standalone VR headsets. 

Besides the performance mods, what other QuestCraft mods are you excited to try on your VR headset? What are your top picks for the best mods for QuestCraft?

Let us know in the comments section down below.


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