17 Best Skyrim VR Mods to Install Right Now

17 Best Skyrim VR Mods to Install Right Now
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This is the ultimate guide to the best Skyrim VR mods. Find out how to install working virtual reality mods for Skyrim.

Skyrim VR has over 28,000 mods available in Steam and 60,000 in Nexus. The list of mods can be confusing for VR enthusiasts to choose the best. This guide will show you the 17 best Skyrim VR mods you need to install today. We even have the top Skyrim VR sex mod down below if you are interested in that.

Once you’ve downloaded a few Nexus mods, check out our how to install Skyrim VR mods guide. It contains step-by-step instructions and pictures on how to get started.

If you recommend any other customization for Skyrim, comment at the bottom of this post.

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What is Skyrim VR?

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Skyrim VR is a virtual reality role-playing game in which players assume the role of Dovakin. Dovakin is a prophesied figure with the power to combat dragons in the fictional world of Skyrim.

As players traverse through mountainous open-world environments, they complete missions and quests that impact the eventual fate of their character.

Players use swords, bows and arrows, axes, and magic attacks to kill various enemies like wolves, dragons, human bandits and soldiers.

It is one of the most ambitious games of all time and has been adopted for virtual reality play. Because of its large fan base, there are thousands of mods to add weapons, change gameplay, and improve textures. They can completely overhaul and improve the game for you.

What are Skyrim VR Mods?

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Skyrim VR Mods are user-created add-on modules that replace or extend existing content in the game. Modders use Skyrim VR mods to keep Skyrim fresh and interesting over time autonomously. In fact, the sheer amount of things you can do in Skyrim VR with mods is astounding.

Categories and styles of Skyrim VR mods available to install, including graphics mods, sound mods, and immersion mods. Others are followers mods, armor, and weapon mods, as well as content and gameplay mods.

Most mods extend the functionality of the game. However, some mods inject into the executable and modify what is there existing. To install these mods, you need the Skyrim Script Extender. Don’t worry though, we will show you how to install that.

All the best mods listed below are for VR players and the VR version of the game.

Types of Skyrim VR Mods You Can Install

Mods for Skyrim come in a few different categories. Each type overlaps the different mods available, so you don’t always need to go overboard in each category.

Configuration Tools

Configuration mods change some of the backend features in Skyrim. These mods often act as a dependency or starting point for others to exploit. Configuration tools for Skyrim include the VR Tools and SKSE.

VR Mods

VR mods affect or improve virtual reality specific features for the game. These games are quality additions for VR players. They include improvements to moving in VR or optimizing your VR controllers for gameplay.

Aesthetic Mods

Aesthetic mods for Skyrim optimize the scenery and objects in the game but do not affect gameplay. Nicer graphics or improvements to the game’s layout are some examples of aesthetic mods.

Gameplay Mods

Gameplay mods add or adjust how you play the game. These include new weapons or spells that you can use in the game. These modifications can give you an unfair advantage in the game, so some people avoid them.

17 Best Skyrim VR Mods

#1. Skyrim VR Tools

Skyrim VR Tools is on the top of our list because of the possibilities it opens up. At its very core, the Skyrim VR tool is a framework that many other mods use. With Skyrim VR Tools, modders have access to three powerful APIs:

  1. PapyrusVR APl
  2. SKSE event-based API
  3. Raw OpenVR API

Several other Skyrim VR mods use VR Tools as a dependency. Don’t worry too much about what it does and just make sure you have it installed today.

#2. Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE)

Another framework that other mods use is Skyrim Script Extender. This mod is used by modders to expand scripting capabilities and add additional functionality to the game.

Once you successfully install this mod, you won’t require additional steps to launch the game because of the added functionality the mod comes with.

It is a stable and common platform that you can use to build suites of survival mods. SKSE ensures a deep level of integration between these survival mods while still allowing them to stand on their own.

skyrim script extender vr mod

#3. Campfire

The Campfire mod is about creating an immersive and enjoyable camping experience. Through the use of some new survival spells, you begin by gathering materials like deadwood, branches, and stones.

You don’t have to hunt around for materials manually, but you can select the items you want to gather. And then you’re told how much you found.

This mod comes with some camping gear, like tents and tanning racks. Campfire also has backpacks that dynamically represent your camping gear. For instance, you’ll see these items on your back if you have a bedroll, cooking pot, and axe.

You can use Campfire without SKSE and SkyUI. But as always, those two mods will enhance your experience and allow you to customize your settings.

campfire skyrim vr mod

#4. VR Configuration Tool

The VR Configuration Tool is a Skyrim VR mod you install on your PC. With this mod, you can easily edit or tweak the initial version of Skyrim. To edit the initial version, all you need is to type any letter of the command and you are good to go. You don’t need to know which file or section to put it.

One amazing feature of this mod is that the moment you edit a value, the value saves automatically to the right file. This means that there is nothing to save manually.

When you launch Skyrim VR, your modded value will affect the game. There are hundreds of different options to adjust in the tool, including texture size, light properties, and other graphical adjustments.

skyrim vr configuration tool

#5. True 3D Sound for Headphones

If you play in virtual reality, you need the True 3D Sound for Headphones Skyrim VR mod. This mod leverages Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF) technology to provide complete immersion in Tamriel’s environments. 

This mod will give you an advantage over regular surround headphones by simulating how your brain perceives real physical sound through a HRTF. Something normal surround 7.1 can’t do is sound that comes from above or below. This Skyrim VR mod makes your audio experience in the game the best.

Coupled with the right headphones and the fourth-wall-shattering abilities of VR, you’ll feel like you’re there even more than before.

skyrim vr true 3d sound for headphones

#6. No Stagger Mod

The No Stagger Mod is a lifesaver that may prevent motion sickness and make the overall experience more consistent and less frustrating. It’s designed specifically for VR players.

Once you successfully install this mod, it smoothens some rough edges the game developer left when porting it from the traditional experience. The No Stagger Mod has a highly intuitive interface for Skyrim VR modifications.

Skyrim VR is a game marathon with over 100 hours’ worth of content. If you plan on finishing it, get No Stagger and reduce motion sickness.

no stagger skyrim vr mod

#7. Bandolier – Bags and Pouches Classic

Another great Skyrim VR mod is Bandolier. This mod is very important to manage your inventory without hassle.

Whether you’re playing in VR or not, managing your inventory is one of the game’s biggest challenges. Bandolier adds many bags, bookholders, pouches, and bandoliers to remedy this problem.

Maximize your potential carry weight and have never make the agonizingly slow walk back to the nearest town ever again.

bandolier skyrim vr mod

#8. 2020 Parallax – Improved graphics

The Skyrim 2020 Parallax Mod gives the game’s textures the overhaul they need to shine in VR! The texture pack goes over all the environments, layering on the polish and TLC as only a modder can.

After applying this mod, everything from the wilderness to the cities starts to shine. This is a must-have if you have a high-resolution HMD and the rig to run the game at the highest settings. 

With 2020 Parallax, the entire game feels like it was released in 2020.

2020 parallax skyrim vr mod

#9. Onyx – VR Weathers

Weather can greatly impact the immersion and illusion of reality in a cinematic experience. And that’s exactly what makes the Onyx Skyrim VR mod an absolute masterpiece. It creates an environment different from anything you’ve ever seen, even if you’ve played this game a thousand times.

This mod revamps the graphics of almost all circumstances of the world through the following features:

  • More than 500 new weather systems for rain, snow, or whatever else you may encounter in your journey
  • Completely revamped and adjustable color system that changes how you see the world around you
  • Enhanced God Rays and lens flare
onyx skyrim vr weather

#10. Enhanced Lights and FX

Enhanced Lights and FX is an interior and exterior lighting Skyrim VR mod. It aims to add lighting to all light sources and remove any excessive lighting. The mod offers two options while installing – interior and exterior, so you can choose where you want the effects to be added.

Everything from candles to water are adjusted with the Enhanced Lights mod. Each inn in the game has its own set of lights based on its local weather.

This mod provides better aesthetics with also almost no issue with performance. Some other mods, such as RealVision ENB, require Enhanced Lights and FX to be installed.

enhanced lights and fx skyrim vr

#11. Spellsiphon Immersive Combat

Spellsiphon Immersive Combat takes your attacks and spells to the next level. This mod adds combos, systems for changing weapons and spells without menus or hotkeys, and much more. Certain weapons now work in conjunction with your spells in natural and lore-friendly ways.

Magic mods normally add tons of spells, each with a specific purpose. This mod takes a different approach. Spellsiphon has a smaller set of valves with a variety of mechanics while minimizing the amount of buttons you need to remember.

It’s a fantastic magic add-on, very intuitive and cool, and can also be used in conjunction with archery and melee play styles.

spellsiphon immersive combat

#12. MageVR

MageVR is a gesture extension for virtual reality players. This is a combination mod and application with one goal: keep you from having to pause the game and go through menus whenever possible.

It uses an overlay to let you draw glyphs to cast and equip spells. It also has a very immersive hand-pose magic feature and (invisible) holsters.

The best thing about this mod is the new backpack inventory and immersive looting feature. This feature lets you loot via drag and drop without pausing the game.

However, you must run the game via SteamVR and require SKSE and SkyUI VR.

magevr skyrim vr mod

#13. Weapon Throw Mod

The Weapon Throw Mod acts exactly how it sounds. Basically, you throw your equipped weapons and your bound weapons by pressing a single button.

This mod was created exclusively for VR. You can launch and release your arm or have the option of enabling auto-aim and auto return.

Apart from the throwing mechanic, there isn’t no new content to this mod. It is compatible with modded melee and vanilla equipment.

Weapon Throw Mod

#14. HD Road Signs

The HD Road Signs mod is an enhanced texture replacer. In Skyrim, you will pass by many road signs wherever you go.

So, having HD Road Signs will give the written text more clarity. When playing in VR, high texture quality is important.

Use this mod to upgrade your road signs and avoid missing those signs that aren’t very noticeable or hard to read. As you travel down virtual roads, know where to go and where to turn.

HD Road Signs Mod

#15. Locational Damage SKSE VR

The Location Damage SKSE VR Mod adds an enhanced layer of ranged combat skill in Skyrim. Depending on the specific body part you hit, you can do more damage with your arrows or spells.

We recommend using immersive sounds that include instant impact for an accurate headshot. The latest version of Weapon Throw VR supports headshots.

Locational Damage Mod

#16. VRIK Player Avatar

VRIK updates your character with more accurate movements in first person VR. VRIK will animate your body to match your movements.

Once you install this mod, you can see your character hold, grab, and interact with weapons, spells, shields, torches, and other objects. An an immersion mod, I think this is a must-have for Skyrim VR.

#17. Skyrim VR Minimalistic Overhaul (Skyrim VR Sex Mod)

The Minimalistic Overhaul mod is a one-click installer to install a collection of Skyrim VR sex mods that many users have requested. This mod will enable nudity in the game, so you must be an appropriate age to install it.

Once installed, you can place any NPC in the room and interact with them or watch them perform from a distance. The interaction is similar to Virt-A-Mate, a popular adult VR game (here are 50 more VR porn games to check out).

There are over 100 different animations included in this pack. Interact with your hands on any character.

Check it out here to learn everything you need to know about this Skyrim VR sex mod.

Which of these Skyrim VR mods is your favorite? Let us know in the comment box below.


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