Kiwi Design SPC Battery Head Strap for Meta Quest 3: A Detailed Review

kiwi design spc battery head strap review for meta quest 3
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Virtual reality gaming has been revolutionized by the Meta Quest 3, and the Kiwi Design SPC Battery Head Strap plays a pivotal role in enhancing this experience. This review delves into my journey with the SPC battery head strap, including:

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Overview of the SPC Battery Head Strap

The Kiwi Design SPC Battery Head Strap is a game-changer for VR enthusiasts. It boasts a unique Single-Point-Charging Ecosystem, superior comfort with memory foam cushion, extended playtime through a 6400mAh battery, a perfect fit for various head sizes, and a portable design.

kiwi design spc elite strap box

Unique Single-Point-Charging Ecosystem

One of the standout features is the Single-Point-Charging Ecosystem. With one connection, you can simultaneously charge the headset and battery strap, reducing the hassle of multiple charging points.

Specifically, I tried this out with the Kiwi Design RGB vertical stand. It worked awesome, letting the magnetic connector charge everything without needing anything extra.

Superior Comfort

Comfort is crucial in VR gaming, and the SPC Battery Strap excels here. The memory foam cushions and balanced counterweight significantly reduced pressure on my face and head during extended gaming sessions.

Extended Playtime

The 6400mAh battery promises 2-4 hours of additional gaming time. My tests showed that I consistently hit the upper end of this range under moderate loads, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay.

Perfect Fit

Adjustability is key for a universal fit, and the SPC Battery Strap offers a range of 17.7 to 29.5 inches. This flexibility ensured a snug fit for me and others who tried it, catering to a wide audience.

kiwi design spc elite strap with cushion installed

Gaming Anywhere

Portability is a strong suit of the SPC Battery Strap. It easily fits into the official carrying case and most aftermarket options, facilitating gaming on the go.

Worldwide Warranty

The 24-month warranty instills confidence in the product’s durability and after-sales support.

Build Quality and Design on the Kiwi Design SPC Battery Head Strap

Regarding virtual reality gaming, the build quality and design of accessories can make or break the immersive experience. The Kiwi Design SPC Battery Head Strap, designed for the Meta Quest 3, is a product that demands attention in this regard.

Materials and Durability

Upon unboxing the SPC Battery Head Strap, the first thing that struck me was the materials’ quality. The strap is made from a robust combination of high-grade plastic and metal components, offering a reassuring sense of durability.

This strap does not feel like it will wear out or break easily. The memory foam cushions, a key component for comfort, are covered with a soft, skin-friendly fabric that feels luxurious and sturdy.

kiwi design spc battery elite strap alternative back view close up

Design Aesthetics

In terms of design, the SPC Battery Head Strap adopts a sleek and functional aesthetic. The color scheme is understated, which I found to be a perfect match for the Meta Quest 3’s minimalist design.

Integrating the battery into the strap is well-executed, with no awkward bulges or imbalances in weight distribution. A lot of thought went into how the strap functions and how it looks and feels when worn.

Ergonomics and Comfort

Ergonomically, the Kiwi Design team has hit a home run. The balance achieved between the front of the headset and the counterweight of the battery at the back is one I reall like.

This balance significantly reduces the front-heavy feel common with VR headsets, making for a more comfortable experience, especially during extended sessions. The memory foam cushions add to this by evenly distributing pressure. I noticed a marked reduction in the fatigue I usually experience around the forehead and cheeks with other straps.

Battery Integration

The integration of the battery into the head strap is another highlight. It’s seamlessly built into the design, which looks good and functions efficiently. The 6400mAh battery doesn’t add unnecessary weight and is positioned to enhance the overall balance of the headset.

This thoughtful placement contributes to the comfort and usability of the headset, allowing for longer, uninterrupted gaming sessions.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail in the design is evident in the small touches. The adjustable strap mechanism is smooth and easy to use, allowing quick adjustments to fit different head sizes.

This adjustability is a significant advantage if you like to share your VR headset with others. Furthermore, the charging mechanism, though requiring the separate purchase of the KIWI-design RGB Vertical Stand, is a testament to Kiwi Design’s commitment to creating a cohesive VR ecosystem.

In conclusion, I think the build quality and design of the Kiwi Design SPC Battery Head Strap for the Meta Quest 3 are exceptional. It’s evident that every aspect, from materials to ergonomics, has been carefully considered to enhance the user’s VR experience.

The result is a head strap that is comfortable, functional, durable, and pleasing to the eye, making it a commendable addition to any VR enthusiast’s collection.

kiwi design spc battery elite strap alternative corner view

What I Like About This Elite Strap Alternative

The Kiwi Design SPC Battery Head Strap’s single-point charging system stands out as a hallmark of convenience and innovation. The charging was efficient, and I never faced a moment where my headset wasn’t ready for action. It’s these small details that make a big difference in daily usage.

Comfort with the SPC Battery Head Strap is unparalleled. I often indulge in lengthy VR sessions, and discomfort has been a constant issue with other straps I’ve used. However, the memory foam cushions of this strap provided a soft, pressure-free experience, even during the most intense gaming moments.

The extended playtime is another feature I can’t praise enough. The 6400mAh battery consistently provided me with around 4 hours of additional playtime. The peace of mind of knowing that my VR experience wouldn’t be cut short unexpectedly was a significant advantage, and it allowed me to immerse myself in virtual worlds without the nagging worry of a dying battery.

Adjustability and fit of the SPC Battery Head Strap are also noteworthy. Its ability to accommodate a wide range of head sizes is a testament to its inclusive design. This universal adaptability makes it an excellent choice for multi-user environments.

One of the small advantages that the Kiwi strap has is that the USB-C battery connection cable is only as long as needed. Other head straps, like the YOGES battery strap, provide way too long of a cable that looks out of place.

kiwi design spc battery elite strap alternative sideview
The USB-C cable on the Kiwi SPC battery strap is only as long as it needs to be.

Lastly, this head strap offers portability. Packing the headset with the strap attached to the official Meta carrying case simplified travel and storage. It’s a small feature that speaks volumes about the thoughtful design of the product.

What I Don’t Like

The weight of this head strap is its major drawback. Despite fitting well and being compact, it is 387 grams. This extra pound sitting on your head might not be worth it if you don’t plan on playing your headset for long periods more than an hour.

kiwi design spc battery strap weight

Additionally, while the strap’s functionality is top-notch, it lacks aesthetic variety. While it does its job exceptionally well, offering more color options or designs could make it more appealing to users who value personalization in their gadgets.


The Kiwi Design SPC Battery Head Strap for the Meta Quest 3 is a robust, comfortable, and innovative accessory that significantly enhances the VR experience. Its ease of use, extended playtime, and comfort make it a must-have for VR enthusiasts.

The minor drawbacks are overshadowed by the overall quality and functionality of the product. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to elevate their Meta Quest 3 experience.

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