Quest 2 Elite Strap Review: Is It Worth It?

oculus quest 2 elite strap review
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I’ve used my stock and my upgraded Meta Quest 2 Elite Strap for hundreds of hours each. This is a complete review of the Elite Strap. It’s intended to give you a better idea about what the Elite Strap does and if its worth it to upgrade the default soft strap on the Quest 2 VR headset.

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Before I get into the review, a quick plug for the Elite Strap on Amazon and through Oculus’ official website.

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How to Buy the Meta Quest 2 Elite Strap

Click here to buy the Elite Strap directly from Oculus.

Use the link below to buy it off of Amazon:

UPDATE: Meta Quest 2 Elite Strap Breaking

Since the review below was posted, many users have had their elite straps break. Most happen in the same spot – a vertical crack up the middle of the side strap.

Meta has never addressed this problem, and issues have decreased over time.

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Quest 2 Elite Strap Review: Is It Worth It?

the Meta Quest 2 Elite Strap comes in a rectangle box that feels nearly the same size as the actual headset. This is because the side straps on the headband are rigid and straight and don’t fold up as the default soft strap does.

Included in the box are the strap, a support booklet, and a quick start guide. Cool.

The entire assembly is one single piece, and there is nothing needed to put together, which is nice.

Installing the Quest 2 Elite Strap

To install the Elite Strap, you must first remove the soft strap that comes with your headset by default. You might be a little nervous if you are like me and have been babying the entire device. First, you have to remove the facial padding cover. This sits on some of where the upper head strap loops through and needs to be out of the way. You remove this quick gentle pull on all sides, and it pops out.

Next, you have to remove the side straps off of the headset too. This part took me a minute because the instructions in the Quick Start booklet are the size of your fingernail, and it’s not immediately clear how the strap comes off. Again, you must pull the soft strap away from a smaller sidebar that houses the Quest 2’s audio system. The soft strap should pop right off of this sidebar.

Installing the Elite Strap is much easier once the soft strap is off. Simply snap the sidebars into place, loop the top strap through the same spot as the original strap, and re-install the facial interface.

The process only takes a minute, but I don’t think you’ll be switching back and forth without a good reason.

If you have any trouble, check out our installation guide for the strap, with step-by-step instructions.

quest 2 elite strap review side shot

Quest 2 Elite Strap Fit

To wear the Elite Strap, you turn the fit wheel (shown in the image above) counterclockwise to loosen the band. When you place the headset on your head, you reach back and turn the wheel clockwise until the headset is tight on your face.

I immediately noticed how easily everything “snaps” into place with the upgraded Quest 2 strap. I always felt like I had to tinker with the soft strap to get my face sitting properly. And the straps were always a bit too soft to hold everything in place when my head moved.

With the Elite Strap, this struggle is gone instantly. The rigid side straps hold the headset solid and the rear assembly keeps your head and headset together while moving around.

The top band on the soft strap was something I could always feel on my head. Here, it barely plays a part. You don’t notice it sitting on your head at all, and 99% of the effort is in the side and rear pieces.

My daughter’s head is too small for the soft strap, even at its tightest setting. The Elite Strap tightens small enough that it fits on her head without holding the headset in place. This is a key point if you have kids introducing you to VR games or 360 degree videos.

quest 2 elite strap side shot 2


So the fit is awesome, but how does the new strap hold up during gameplay? The original soft strap was fine once it was in place. I spent over an hour playing the new Walking Dead game when I first got my Quest 2 and had no complaints. Every so often, I would adjust my headset into place again after some quick movement, but it was manageable. I always knew my headset was on my face, which doesn’t seem unordinary.

With the new Elite Strap, the first thing I immediately noticed while playing is how little you notice it. There is much less pressure on the top of your head and at the crown of your skull at the back.

Fast movements are even better. You feel like your head and headset are moving in unison around the room and the headset slips a lot less.

My one reservation about the elite strap was its extra weight over the original. I’m happy to say that this weight is not noticeable at all. In fact, the more comfortable fit puts less pressure on everything and it makes the headset feel lighter.

With the Elite Strap, there is a lot less pressure on the top of your head and at the crown of your skull at the back.


Two different types of people will look at the $49 price tag on this upgraded strap. Some people will see the extra $49 on top of their $300 headset as too much and write it off instantly. For others, the Quest 2 is already cheaper than the next alternative, like the Quest Pro or Apple Vision Pro. So, the extra price for the Elite Strap is already built into the price tag.

I was somewhere in the middle of those two opinions, but I think the Elite Strap is overall worth it. It’s hard to make a head strap sound sexy and justify the price tag, but it is.

What’s the Downside?

Other than the price tag, is there a downside to this strap? Overall, there isn’t much to be upset about. One downside is for those who like to travel with the headset. The rigid straps don’t allow as much compaction as the soft strap. This might make it hard to travel with or fit into a case.

A few reports have been posted online of the upgraded strap cracking or breaking if you tighten the fit wheel too tight on your head. So far, I think this is rare, and Oculus support should be able to help you get a replacement if this happens. The strap feels sturdy enough that most people shouldn’t have any issues.

elite strap 2 done

Final Verdict

The Metas Quest 2 Elite Strap is an upgrade for all Quest owners. Specifically, it takes care of all comfort and fit concerns if you aren’t a fan of the soft strap. Once installed, everything about this accessory feels like an upgrade. It is easier to get a comfortable fit on your head. Your Quest 2 moves around less in motion while you are playing games. And taking off your headset is a quick spin of the fit wheel.

If you tend to use your headset with friends and family, the Elite Strap is much better for switching between people with different head sizes. The range of head sizes who can wear the headset comfortably is much higher with this strap.

The added cost might seem like a lot at face value, but its easily justifiable for those who are not new to virtual reality and know the comparable cost of other headsets.

One More Time: How to Buy the Meta Quest 2 Elite Strap

Click here to buy the Elite Strap directly from Oculus.

Use the link below to buy it off of Amazon:

Elite Strap Video Review

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If you picked up the new Elite Strap and have a review, put it down below in the comments section!

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