Quest Day 2021: Everything You Need to Know

quest day 2021
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Hello Quest fans (and to be fans)! Quest Day 2021 is almost here. In this article, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Quest Day 2021. Here’s an overview of the contents of this article.

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What is Quest Day?

In simple words, Quest Day is a day full of fun with lots of drops, inventions, and giveaways for the Quest users. As per Oculus, Quest Day is a “made up holiday just for their community.” 

Oculus has marketed the event to Quest owners through email. The mail was sent to Quest users from Dr. 6DOF (name is derived from the 6 Degree of Freedom tracking feature to track positional data of the user). 

Quest Day 2021: Everything You Need to Know
Dr. 6DOF from Oculus (Image Credit)

There seemed to be some agreement between Reality Labs and “Boss” (not that I know of) on the availability of free accessories or creations to give away as freebies to Quest fans. 

Within the email was a weird sketch of a person wearing a humongous Quest 2 on the upper body, the picture says it all. 

Oculus also sent out the official confirmation about the Quest Day on its Twitter handle on December 12, 2021. The tweet hinted at “a day full of fun and whimsy with drops, inventions, and giveaways for all to love and enjoy.” 

The video attached features Dr. 6DOF announcing the release of brand new accessories to enhance the Quest 2 gameplay experience. 

While the man with the giant Quest headset creates chaos all around, Dr. 6DOF goes about his business with a final hint on the limited quantities of accessories. The video ends with the date and place to steam the event live. 

However, this wasn’t the first announcement made about the Quest Day by Oculus. A day before the above tweet, on December 11, 2021, Oculus tweeted about a surprise which would include free things. 

This essentially meant the limited quantity drops Oculus has in store. Quest Day’s FB page confirms to give them away on a first come first serve basis. 

When is Quest Day 2021?

Quest Day 2021 is on December 14, 2021 and starts at 9 am PT / 12 pm ET / 5 pm UK. The course of the event is not yet known. Since it is the Quest DAY, we can expect it to last for more than a couple of hours to the bare minimum. 

What to expect on Quest Day 2021?

To be honest, you shouldn’t be expecting anything on the lines of announcement of new games or Quest features as Quest Day is simply a marketing event of Quest’s new and crazy inventions and drops. 

The email sent by Dr. 6DOF teases the event without raising the bar too high. Here’s what he had to say:

“I believe it is finally my time to shine and flex my quest technology prowess. You will not be disappointed. I have been scouring Quest 2 threads for insights and developing highly advanced drops. I propose a holiday. Quest Day! where I reveal my creations that are totally useful and not at all frivolous…”

Additionally, from the video attached in the 12/12 tweet by Oculus, we understand the drops are going to revolve more around Quest merchandise (evident from the short clip of Oculus themed socks) and brand new Quest accessories. I hope they parallel the top Quest accessories we are already aware of. 

The fb page also kept us guessing on what else we can expect on Quest Day. However, I was only able to make some wild guesses with whatever superficial information is provided on the page. 

As the Quest Day 2021 tagline goes, Absurd Drops For Real Affinities, I expect Oculus will release quite a few weird or never-thought-of before things for the Quest users with some real-time applications. 

A foot motion controller? VR shoes? A VR backpack? I’m running into all sorts of weird ideas already. Let’s wait and watch what the Quest Day 2021 has in store. Keep an eye on this article as we update this with more details after the event. 

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Who qualifies for the Quest Day 2021 goodies?

The goodies are only available to 18+ users in the US. It appears as though Dr. 6DOF is putting in efforts to ship across regions outside the USA for the Quest Day 2022. 

How to participate in Quest Day 2021?

To participate in Quest Day 2021, you have to follow the official Oculus Instagram account. The event will take place on Oculus’ Instagram handle through an IG live. There is no confirmation yet if the event will be streamed live on Oculus’ other social media handles. 

Also, don’t forget to check out the posts on Oculus’ IG account for ways to enter the giveaway and win the goodies. They might post the details in the post captions or in bio, so keep a close eye on that. However, all the necessary details about the giveaway are expected to be revealed during the live event itself. 

Quest Day 2021 key highlights

Here are the latest updates from the Quest Day 2021 as we write this article.

Dr. 6DOF called up the guy with the giant Quest over him, and rightly so, he is named Questy. Some of the cool inventions announced in the first live video on Oculus IG handle are as follows:

Quest Cookie Cutter Kit

Quest Day 2021: Everything You Need to Know
Quest-themed cookie cutter kit (Image credit)

Ever wanted to shape your cookies as a Quest 2 VR headset? Or a Beat Saber cube? Well, now you can. The Quest-themed cookie cutter kit includes a set of cookie cutters for the seasonal fun.

Christmas and New Year are around the corner and this is just the perfect time for some seasonal fun. Bake the POPULATION: ONE puffy jacket, Beat Saber cube, Quest 2 headset, Meta Quest logo cookies and show them off to your Quest friends.

As long as the supplies last, you can grab yours here.

PetQuest Distraction Mat

Quest Day 2021: Everything You Need to Know
PetQuest Distraction Mat (Image credit)

PetQuest Distraction MatThis is a 12-inch Oculus-shaped washable rubber mat designed to keep the pets entertained and safe out of the guardian boundaries

Get for free as long as the supplies last here.

Update: PetQuest Distraction Mat is currently out of stock.

Quest-Lete Grippy Socks

Quest Day 2021: Everything You Need to Know
Quest-Lete Grippy Socks (Image credit)

Quest-Lete Grippy Socks aims to steady your home workouts. The custom Meta Quest-themed ankle length grippy socks ensure more safe landings without putting in a lot of effort.

Beat Saber Ugly Sweater

Quest Day 2021: Everything You Need to Know
Beat Saber Ugly Sweater (Image credit)

Holiday season isn’t really complete without an ugly sweater that amuses and one and all. Don this oddly attractive Beat Saber-themed sweater while admiring the Christmas lights or those in Beat Saber on your Quest.

Lil’ Questy

Quest Day 2021: Everything You Need to Know
Lil’ Questy (Image credit)

Lil’ Questy is an armless miniature form of the six-feet wide gender-neutral mascot, Questy, that represents the Meta Quest headset. Lil’ Questy is as adorable as the live Questy, but it is just too little.

Update: The product is currently out of stock.

Quest Treat Flinger

Quest Day 2021: Everything You Need to Know
Quest Treat Flinger (Image credit)

This is something Quest pet lovers would drool over. And more so, the something their pets would thank them for.

It works with a Bluetooth button on the headset which when tapped dispenses bright plastic balls with pet snacks within. The user can then see a treat has flung notification in the headset and satisfy your gaming needs.

Note: Quest Treat Flinger is still only a prototype and is not yet cleared for distribution.

Other inventions announced at Quest Day are as follows:

  • Beat Saber String Lights – A 25 cm custom Beat Saber shaped LED cube lights that perfectly sync with Beat Saber songs. The invention is still in the prototype stage.
  • Quest-Lete Smart Bottle – Always remember to hydrate with this genius water bottle that sends alerts to Quest. The built-in sensor in the wearable monitor retrieves data of the bottle use and notifies the user on the headset. Note that this invention is still in the prototype stage.
  • Quest-O-Wave – Never ever get distracted from baking your favorite confectioneries while enjoying your time with Quest. Oculus has been working on an oven with a custom viewport and camera system that sends live updates and photos to the headset. It is still a prototype though.
  • Spine-Chiller – As the name says, it is a spine-chilling wearable for fear-adrenaline junkies. It comprises a custom collar and a nostril-like vent that exhales a gust of ghostly air on the wearer’s neck during the scariest moments in games. Again, this invention is yet in the prototype stage and not yet cleared for distribution.

I was really taken by surprise when Oculus announced the Super Secret Drop of 500 256GB Quest 2 headsets – FOR FREE. Oculus aims to expand its player base through this drop by encouraging the winners to gift the headset to their near and dear ones.

The tweet was out after close to 1200 fun goodies were stocked out on Quest Day 2021. It’s hard for anyone to believe they might actually get a Quest 2 for free but it was all happening. I think the winners will have a hard time to let that sink in.

We will update this section of the article during the live event. Don’t forget to check the key highlights of Quest Day 2021 once it is over. 

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