Quickly Setup PSVR to a PS5 or PS4 [Step-by-Step]

how to setup psvr on ps5 and ps4
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Do you want to connect and hook up your Playstation VR hardware to your PS5? Below, we’ll show you the steps needed to setup PSVR on PS5. We’ll also show you how to setup Playstation VR with your PS4 too, which is even easier.

So far, Sony has not announced updated Playstation VR hardware for the PS5. However, the original PSVR hardware from 2016 still works with both the PS5 and PS5. It is also still easy to buy Playstation VR bundles and hardware online too.

If you are still having trouble after reading this guide, comment down below and let us know.

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Playstation VR Hardware

Playstation VR consists of a few different hardware accessory pieces:

  • Playstation VR Headset
  • PSVR Processor Unit
  • Playstation Camera
  • HDMI Cord
  • Power Supply
  • Micro USB cord

All the devices above are required to connect up to your Playstation 5 or 4 and setup PSVR.

Playstation 5 users also need an extra adapter cable to connect the PSVR camera alongside the PS5 camera.

Below, we’ll show you how to connect the PSVR system to your console.

Quickly Setup PSVR to a PS5 or PS4 [Step-by-Step]

How to Setup PSVR on PS5 and PS4

The instructions below to setup PSVR are largely the same for each console except for that extra adapter cable required on the PS5.

To begin, make sure your Playstation console is powered down and turned off.

Connect your Playstation VR Camera

The first step to hook up and setup Playstation VR is to connect your camera to your console.

First, place your camera above or below the center of your TV and point it centrally out into your room. Your camera will be able to track and watch your movements while you play virtual reality. Tracking is important, so make sure the camera is pointed at your play area clearly.

Plus the camera’s cord into the matching port on the back of your Playstation console.

If you are trying to hook up to the PS5, you need the extra Camera PS4-to-PS5 adapter cable. Click here to have Sony send you this adapter for free. When you receive it, plus your camera into the adapter and then the adapter into a USB port on the back of the PS5.

setup psvr camera to ps5 ps4

Hook Up the Processor Unit / Breakout Box

The processor unit, or breakout box, pairs up the data from your Playstation VR headset, camera, and game in the console. It is the brains behind your PSVR.

To setup the PSVR processor unit, complete these steps:

  1. Plug your Playstation VR headset into the front of your process unit (both sides of the split cable)
  2. Find the HDMI cord that runs from your TV to your Playstation console and unplug it at the console end. Plug this HdMI cable into the back of the breakout box into the port that reads ‘HDMI TV’.
  3. Take the new HDMI cord that came with your Playstation VR bundle and connect it into the breakout box port that reads “HDMI PS4”.
  4. Plug the other end of the new HDMI cable into the console’s rear HDMI port (where the old cable was plugged in).
  5. Take the micro USB cable included in your PSVR into the breakout box (micro side) and plug it into a USB-A slot on your console.
  6. Plug the power adapter into the breakout box and then into the wall.
setup psvr processor unit breakout box

PS5 Only: PS4-to-PS5 Camera Adapter

If you have the new gaming console, you will need the extra camera adapter to connect your Playstation VR to the PS5. Again, click here and Sony will send you this cable for free.

The PS5 does not have a dedicated camera port for the Playstation VR. The adapter cable converts the PSVR camera cable end into a standard USB plug.

When you request your cable, you will need the serial number on the back of your processor unit. As well, cables are limited to one per serial number.

Once you have the adapter, plug the PSVR camera into it and then connect it a PS5 rear USB port. You’ve now setup PSVR hardware on the PS5.

psvr ps4 to ps5 camera adapter cable

How to Play Playstation VR on the PS5

After everything is set up, you can turn your Playstation back on to make sure your video and sound works. If you are having trouble, double check to make sure you followed the instructions above closely.

When you want to play a Playstation game in VR mode, you will put on your headset to activate virtual reality mode.

Be aware that some games require the use of your PSVR Motion controllers and others will only use a DualShock controller.

playstation 5 console

And with that, you should have setup PSVR to a PS5 or PS4. If you are having trouble, make sure to comment below and give us details on what is going on.


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