Oculus Cross Buy Guide: Which games can be played on the Quest and Rift S?

Oculus Cross Buy Guide: Which games can be played on the Quest and Rift S?
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This is the ultimate guide to Oculus Cross Buy. Find out which games can be purchased once and played on both the Oculus Quest or Rift S.

We’ll go over:

  • What is Oculus cross buy?
  • What games are cross platform between the Oculus Quest and Rift S?
  • How do you download a game you have cross buy for?

If we’ve missed anything at all, make sure you comment below and let us know.

What is Oculus Cross Buy?

Cross buy is a feature that lets you purchase Oculus VR games on one platform and get free access on the opposite store. Cross buy is valid for some Oculus Rift and Quest games.

For example, say you buy a game in the Oculus Rift store and it supports cross buy. If you search for the same game in the Quest store, you will have access to download it again for free.

Cross buy is only available for Oculus games and does not apply for SteamVR games.

Why should you care?

Often, the price of games in the Rift store and Quest store are different. You can save money by buying the game in the cheaper store. 

Throughout the year, Oculus has store sales on games and bundles. Again, you can buy the cheaper store version knowing that you can play it no matter which Oculus VR headset you have.

What Oculus Rift and Quest games are Cross Buy?

There are a few ways to know which games cross buy between the Oculus Rift and Quest stores.

In the store listing, you will see both “Quest” and “Rift” under the Supported Platforms heading.

You will see both “Supports Quest” and “Supports Rift” VR support on the right side summary information.

how to know if oculus game is cross buy rift quest

Oculus also has an official page. It lists all the games available on both platforms with one purchase.

Click here to go to the official Oculus Cross Buy page.

How to Download a Cross Buy Game

If you want to see how cross platform works, there is a step by step below.

First, find a game that supports cross buy that you want to purchase, such as OrbusVR.

oculus cross guy tutorial 1

Open up the store listing. You will see that it supports both the Rift and Quest headsets down in the game description. Click on the price and follow the instructions to purchase the game. The game will be accessible in your Oculus mobile app, where it will be downloaded to your headset.

oculus cross guy tutorial 2

Now, search for the same game in the opposite Oculus store. The big difference is that the game will show up as FREE and will not have a price on the game listing.

oculus cross guy tutorial 3

Open up the store listing and click on the price. Follow the instructions to download the game.

oculus cross guy tutorial 4

The process above is very similar on the desktop and mobile store listings.

And with that, hopefully you understand how Oculus cross buy works a bit better. If you want anything else explained, comment below and let us know.

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