Complete List of Oculus App Lab Games to Play

complete list of oculus app lab games
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In this guide, we used to break down every single Oculus App Lab game included in the early access store for the Oculus Quest. However, this became a lot of effort as Oculus has continued to add dozens of new titles each week. We recommend visiting a website like App Lab DB which automatically tracks all new App Lab games. We are leaving the guide below us as a feature to the first 200 or so titles to be added to the App Lab. Go and check out our best Oculus App Lab games list, which features he top titles in more detail.

For each game, we have:

  • A summary of the game
  • Some cool and interesting features to try out
  • Gameplay samples
  • A link to download each game onto your Oculus Quest VR headset

For a more curated list, check out our top App Lab games you need to try today.

If you are a developer who is going to be in the lab, contact us today and we would love to feature you on our website!

Click here to view our complete guide on the new Oculus App Lab.

Table Of Contents
  1. New and Hot Oculus App Lap Games
  2. Complete List of Oculus App Lab Games
  3. What is the Oculus App Lab?
  4. 1976 – Back to Midway
  5. 3D Organon VR Anatomy
  6. 51 Aliens TV
  7. Aerodrums 3D
  8. AfreecaTV
  9. AfterNow Prez Beta
  10. Agency (Tech Demo)
  11. Aim XR
  12. Air Hockey Arcade
  13. Alien TSA
  14. Alienation
  15. All Hail the Cook-o-Tron
  16. Air Brigade
  17. ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos DEMO
  18. Ancient Dungeon Beta
  19. Arcaxer
  20. Arkio
  21. Arrows
  22. Art Gate
  23. Art of Balancing
  24. Autonomic Nervous System Simulator
  26. Baby Hands
  27. Bacon Roll
  28. Ball Knight
  29. Ballgame Barrels
  30. Ballooning Adventures
  31. Bard Hero
  32. Basic Life Support
  33. Battle Arena VR
  34. Beat Blaster
  35. Big Breezy Boat
  36. Black Hole Pool Demo
  37. Blinky
  38. Blobby Tennis
  39. Bonsai Desk
  40. Breakout VR
  41. Cactus Cowboy Portal VR
  42. Cake Mouse
  43. Candy Puzzle
  44. Car Parking Simulator
  45. Carroll’s Riddles
  46. Catapult
  47. CHARM VR App
  48. Cheerio
  49. Colorball
  50. Control Room by QuarkXR
  51. Cosmic Flow: A Relaxing VR Experience
  52. Cosmic Sugar
  53. Cover Drive Cricket Demo
  54. Crazy Croquet
  55. Crazy Kung Fu
  56. Crisis VRigade 1
  57. Crisis VRigade 2
  58. Crop Craze: Farming Simulator
  59. Crumb
  61. D&I Perspectives
  62. Daedalus
  63. DAVID
  64. David Slade Mysteries: Case Files
  65. Days of Heroes: D-Day (Demo)
  66. Deisim
  67. Descending
  68. Descent Alps
  69. Directive Nine Early Access
  70. Disc Benders: Ace Run
  71. Dr. Zaney’s Insane Labs
  72. DvG: Conquering Giants Demo
  73. Eavor-Lite: Virtual Tour
  74. Dynamic Spanish Trip – Long Weekend in Spain
  75. Edge Factor VR
  76. EducationXR
  77. EnergieFitnessVRClub
  78. Energysaber Masta VR
  80. EON-XR
  81. Escape Legacy
  82. EuroleagueTV VR
  83. Experience the Energy: Take the Tour
  84. exVRience Golf Club
  85. Evryway Visualiser
  86. eyeora VR
  87. Fear Dead House
  88. Feeder Protection Relay Training
  89. FigureOut VR
  90. Find My Phone: The Game
  91. Flowborne
  92. Forest Farm Demo
  93. Frog Hands Steve
  94. Fugitive 3D
  95. Fun House
  96. Galactic Bar Fight
  97. Galaxy Forces VR
  98. Gladius
  99. Gladiatus
  100. Goalienator
  101. Gorilla Tag
  102. GoThru
  103. Guardians
  104. Gun Raiders
  105. Gym Class
  106. Gym Masters
  107. Hand Posing Tool: Pirates!
  108. Hand Spell
  109. Harvest VR
  110. Headjack Link
  111. Healium
  112. Help Club
  113. Help Yourself
  114. Hibow
  115. Historic Crafts
  116. History of a Painting
  117. Hitstream – Demo Version
  118. Home Plate Baseball
  119. Hoops Madness
  120. Horror Nights Story
  121. Human Anatomy Puzzle
  122. Hyperstacks
  123. Imercyve: Living With Intellectual Disability
  124. INVOIDERS Galactic Defender
  125. iQIYI VR
  126. Jigsaw 360
  127. Jigsaw Puzzle VR
  128. Jun’s Adventure
  129. Kitchen Island VR
  130. Laid-Back Camp
  131. Legendary Hunter VR
  132. Liminal
  133. Long Live The Cube
  134. LoopSpace
  135. Lyte Demo
  136. Magic Guardian
  137. Maloka (Beta)
  138. MarineVerse Cup
  139. Metal Multiball
  140. Minsar Studio
  141. MonkeybrainVR
  142. MRRox
  143. Multibrush
  144. Mythic Mage
  145. Nanome
  146. Neon Blast VR
  147. Neon Sprint
  148. Nikakudori
  149. NoMeN1VR
  150. NP Skills Lab
  151. Occupational Safety and Health for Electricians
  152. OceanCraft
  153. Omagatoki VR
  154. Omega Blade
  155. Open Brush
  157. Oxygen Dreams
  158. Pangman
  159. Paradiddle
  160. Pavlov Shack Beta
  161. Peco Peco
  162. PentaPuzzle Demo
  163. PePiBo
  164. Percussive VR
  165. Perpetuum Mobile
  166. Phases of the Moon
  167. Pick-Up League Hockey
  168. Pipe Dream Co.
  169. PLAY’A Video Player
  171. Pong
  172. Power Force
  173. Presence
  174. Private Agent
  175. Project Fairwinds
  176. Project Snowflake
  177. Pub Darts
  178. Puzzling Places
  179. Quest For Runia
  180. Quill Interactions: Stone Age Racing
  181. QOR (QuestORama)
  182. Range Day VR
  183. RealFit
  184. Realms of Eternity
  185. Reflecto Ray
  186. REFLEX UNIT 2
  187. Remio
  188. Repeat Please
  189. Resilience
  190. Resonark X Lite
  191. Rest in Pieces
  192. Revolver Widow
  193. Rhythm 'n Bullets
  194. Rodent People: Origins
  195. Roll or Die!
  196. Sea Level Rise Explorer: Elkhorn Slough
  197. Seas the Day!
  198. Sense Arena
  199. SENTIO VR
  200. Sep's Diner
  201. SETVR
  202. Shelley’s Creation
  203. Shmupper (Demo)
  204. Shooting Therapy
  205. Shoottris
  207. Showtime VR
  208. SimLab VR Viewer
  209. Simple Theremin
  210. Sky Squadron
  211. Solicitude Wake-Up
  212. Shinobi Breaker
  213. Smash Drums
  214. Space Shooter
  215. Space Junk
  216. Space Slurpies
  217. Space Walk VR Experience
  218. Spark AR Player
  219. Special Delivery
  220. Speed Cube
  221. Spice & Wolf VR2
  222. Sploder Golferoni
  223. Splunk VR
  224. Sport Mode
  225. Stardust VR
  226. SweeperVR
  227. Symphony of Stars
  228. Synth Riders Demo
  229. SynthVR
  230. The Fight
  231. The Final Overs
  232. The Knight of Queen
  233. The Last Shark
  234. The Premium Cube
  235. The Unity Cube
  236. The Viewer
  237. Tiny Castles
  238. To The Top
  239. Touchy Feely
  240. Touring Karts PRO
  241. Transformer Oil Sampling VR Training
  242. Trash Gun
  243. Travel The Words!
  244. TripeaksDreamland VR
  245. Ultra Height: Mist City Climb
  246. Unstung
  247. UPENDERS!
  248. V-Speedway
  249. Verto Studio VR
  250. Virtuoso
  251. VirtualSpeech
  252. Virus Popper
  253. Volleyball Fever
  254. Volta
  255. Voxel Shot VR
  256. VR New York Story
  257. VR Tourviewer
  258. VRIT
  259. VRtuos
  260. VRWorkout
  261. Waifu’s Spooky Space Station VR
  262. War Yards
  263. Warlike Space
  264. Warplanes: WW1 Fighters
  265. Warriors of Titus
  266. Whack-Whack
  267. White Hole
  268. Work Window
  269. X-Booster
  270. Zoe
  271. Zombie Gunner
  272. Zooma: Deluxe Edition
  273. ZYLIA Concert Hall

New and Hot Oculus App Lap Games

The newest games on the App Lab are:

The majority of the new Oculus App Lab games above were added on March 10th and 11th, 2021. Our guide has grown so big that it is now split into two pages! Read up on each game in more detail below.

Complete List of Oculus App Lab Games

The complete list of Oculus App Lab games is below. Keep scrolling to read our breakdown and review of each game in more detail.

  1. 1976 – Back to Midway
  2. 3D Organon VR Anatomy
  3. 51 Aliens TV
  4. Aerodrums 3D
  5. AfreecaTV
  6. AfterNow Prez Beta
  7. Agency (Tech Demo)
  8. Aim XR
  9. Air Brigade
  10. Air Hockey Arcade
  11. Alien TSA
  12. Alienation
  13. All Hail the Cook-o-tron
  14. ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos Demo
  15. Ancient Dungeon
  16. Arcaxer
  17. Arkio
  18. Arrows
  19. Art Gate
  20. Art of Balancing
  21. Autonomic Nervous System Simulator
  23. Baby Hands
  24. Bacon Roll
  25. Ball Knight
  26. Ballgame Barrels
  27. Ballooning Adventures
  28. Bard Hero
  29. Basic Life Support
  30. Battle Arena
  31. Beat Blaster
  32. Big Breezy Boat
  33. Black Hole Pool Demo
  34. Blinky
  35. Blobby Tennis
  36. Bonsai Desk
  37. Breakout VR
  38. Cactus Cowboy Porttal VR
  39. Cake Mouse
  40. Candy Puzzle
  41. Car Parking Simulator
  42. Carroll’s Riddles
  43. Catapult
  44. CHARM VR App
  45. Cheerio
  46. Colorball
  47. Control Room by QuarkXR
  48. Cosmic Flow: A Relaxing VR Experience
  49. Cosmic Sugar
  50. Cover Drive Cricket Demo
  51. Crazy Croquet
  52. Crazy Kung Fu
  53. Crisis VRigade 1
  54. Crisis VRigade 2
  55. Crop Craze: Farming Simulator
  56. Crumb
  58. D&I Perspectives
  59. Daedalus
  60. DAVID
  61. David Slade Mysteries: Case Files
  62. Days of Heroes: D-Day
  63. Descending
  64. Deisim
  65. Descent Alps
  66. Directive Nine Early Access
  67. Disc Benders: Ace Run
  68. Dr. Zaney’s Insane Labs
  69. DvG: Conquering Giants Demo
  70. Dynamic Spanish Trip – Long Weekend in Spain
  71. Eavor-Lite: Virtual Tour
  72. Edge Factor VR
  73. EducationXR
  74. EnergieFitnessVRClub
  75. Energysaber Masta VR
  77. EON-XR
  78. Escape Legacy
  79. EuroleagueTV VR
  80. Evryway Visualiser
  81. Experience the Energy: Take the Tour
  82. exVRience Golf Club
  83. Eyeora VR
  84. Fear Dead House
  85. Feeder Protection Relay Training
  86. FigureOut VR
  87. Find My Phone App: The Game
  88. Flowborne
  89. Forest Farm Demo
  90. Frog Hands Steve
  91. Fugitive 3D
  92. Fun House
  93. Galactic Bar Fight
  94. Galaxy Forces VR
  95. Gladiatus
  96. Gladius
  97. Goalienator
  98. Gorilla Tag
  99. GoThru
  100. Guardians
  101. Gun Raiders
  102. Gym Class
  103. Gym Masters
  104. Hand Posing Tool: Pirates!
  105. Hand Spell
  106. Harvest VR
  107. Headjack Link
  108. Healium
  109. Help Club
  110. Help Yourself
  111. Hibow
  112. Historic Crafts
  113. History of a Painting
  114. Hitstream – Demo Version
  115. Home Plate Baseball
  116. Hoops Madness
  117. Horror Nights Story
  118. Human Anatomy Puzzle
  119. Hyperstacks
  120. Imercyve: Living With Intellectual Disability
  121. INVOIDERS Galactic Defender
  122. iQIYI VR
  123. Jigsaw 360
  124. Jun’s Adventure
  125. Kitchen Island VR
  126. Laid-Back Camp
  127. Legendary Hunter VR
  128. Liminal
  129. Long Live The Cube
  130. LoopSpace
  131. Lyte Demo
  132. Magic Guardian
  133. Maloka (Beta)
  134. MarineVerse Cup
  135. Master of the Tattooverse
  136. Metal Multiball
  137. Minsar Studio
  138. MonkeybrainVR
  139. MRRox
  140. Multibrush
  141. Mythic Mage
  142. Nanome
  143. Neon Blast VR
  144. Neon Spirit
  145. Nikakudori
  146. NoMeN1VR
  147. NP Skills Lab
  148. Occupational Safety and Health for Electricians
  149. OceanCraft
  150. Omagatoki VR
  151. Omega Blade
  152. Open Brush
  154. Oxygen Dreams
  155. Painting VR
  156. Pandemic by Prisms
  157. Pangman
  158. Paradiddle
  159. Pavlov Shack Beta
  160. Peco Peco
  161. PentaPuzzle Demo
  162. PePiBo
  163. Percussive VR
  164. Perpetuum Mobile
  165. Phases of the Moon
  166. Pick-Up League Hockey
  167. Pipe Dream Co
  168. PLAY’A Video Player
  170. Pong
  171. Power Force
  172. Presence
  173. Private Agent
  174. Project Fairwinds
  175. Project Snowflake
  176. Project Z
  177. Pub Darts
  178. Puzzling Pieces
  179. Quest For Runia
  180. QOR (QuestORama)
  181. Quill Interactions: Stone Age Racing
  182. Range Day VR
  183. RealFit
  184. Realms of Eternity
  185. Reflecto Ray
  186. REFLEX UNIT 2
  187. Remio
  188. Repeat Please
  189. Resilience
  190. Resonark X Lite
  191. Rest in Pieces
  192. Revolver Widow
  193. Rhythm ‘n Bullets
  194. Rodent People: Origins
  195. Roll or Die!
  196. Sea Level Rise Explorer: Elkhorn Slough
  197. Seas the Day!
  198. Sense Arena
  199. SENTIO VR
  200. Sep’s Diner
  201. SETVR
  202. Shelley’s Creation
  203. Shinobi Breaker
  204. Shmupper
  205. Shooting Therapy
  206. Shoottris
  208. Showtime VR
  209. SimLab VR Viewer
  210. Sky Squadron
  211. Solicitude Wake-Up
  212. Song Beater
  213. Smash Drums
  214. Space Junk
  215. Space Shooter
  216. Space Slurpies
  217. Space Walk VR Experience
  218. Spark AR Player
  219. Special Delivery
  220. Speedcube
  221. Spice & Wolf VR2
  222. Sploder Golferoni
  223. Splunk VR
  224. Sport Mode
  225. Stardust VR
  226. SweeperVR
  227. Symphony of Stars
  228. Synth Riders Demo
  229. SynthVR
  230. The Fight
  231. The Final Overs
  232. The Knight of Queen
  233. The Last Shark
  234. The Premium Cube
  235. The Unity Cube
  236. The Viewer
  237. Tiny Castles
  238. To The Top
  239. Touchy Feely
  240. Touring Karts PRO
  241. Transformer Oil Sampling VR
  242. Trash Gun
  243. Travel the Words
  244. TripeaksDreamland VR
  245. Ultra Height: Mist City Climb
  246. Unstung
  247. UPENDERS!
  248. V-Speedway
  249. Verto Studio VR
  250. Virtuoso
  251. VirtualSpeech
  252. Virus Popper
  253. Volleyball Fever
  254. Volta
  255. Voxel Shot VR
  256. VR New York Story
  257. VR Tourviewer
  258. VRIT
  259. VRtuos
  260. VRWorkout
  261. Waifu’s Spooky Space Station VR
  262. War Yards
  263. Warlike Space
  264. Warplanes: WW1 Fighters
  265. Warriors of Titus
  266. Whack-Whack
  267. White Hole
  268. Work Window
  269. X-Booster
  270. Zoe
  271. Zombie Gunner
  272. Zooma: Deluxe Edition
  273. ZYLIA Concert Hall

What is the Oculus App Lab?

The Oculus App Lab is a separate way for Quest developers to distribute apps to players instead of the official store. It allows early development and experimental apps to have an official link on the store safely and securely. Developers can give direct links or through platforms like SideQuest.

App Lab apps do not appear in the official Oculus Store, but they will still appear in the Quest Library alongside those games. These apps no longer need to sit under the “Unknown Sources” tab of your library. Games in the Lab receive automatic updates and are curated by Oculus for quality and content.

You can search App Lab apps through the official Oculus website. They will appear under a new “App Lab” results section.

However, there does not appear to be a way to browse all apps in this new store. This is the reason we created this guide.

Below, we have a complete list of all Oculus App Lab games currently available to check out.

After you are done check out our list, here are some other related guides for the Oculus Quest:

  1. Best SideQuest VR Games
  2. Best Oculus Quest 2 Games

1976 – Back to Midway

Complete List of Oculus App Lab Games to Play

Price = $15

1976 is a top-rated military pilot simulator. You can play in the “classic” point of view like old vertical scrolling titles, or in first person perspective. In the game, you have to dodge enemy fire and complete missions successfully. The game is fast paced, immersive, and feels amazing in virtual reality.

1976 – Back to Midway features several airplanes, including the Lockheed P-38 Lightning and B-17G Flying Fortress. If you ever wanted to become a military pilot, this is the game for you to check out.

Click here to play 1976 – Back to Midway.

Click here to play a free demo of 1976.

1976 Back to Midway DEMO now on Quest 2! // SideQuest

3D Organon VR Anatomy

Price = FREE

3D Organon is an educational experience for those learning about the human anatomy. It is used by Universities and educators to help student learn anatomy concepts more easily in VR. You can visualize the skeletal system, muscles, vessels, nerves, and other organs in 3D. There is a knowledge base filled with information, facts, and details to help you learn.

Click here to view 3D Organon VR Anatomy on the App Lab.

3D Organon VR Anatomy 2021 Edition

51 Aliens TV

Price = #10

51 Aliens TV is a music visualization platform. Listen to a collection of trip-hop and down tempo music generated by the app. Sit back and enjoy the music, synchronized with dream patterns and other visualizations.

Click here to view 51 Aliens TV.

51 Aliens TV - Trailer

Aerodrums 3D

Price = FREE

Aerodrums is a VR drum set App Lab game that connects to your Aerodrums hardware. You can play and record songs on your full size drum set. You can also swap out your kit for different options to play on.

Click here to view Aerodrums 3D.


Price = FREE

AfreecaTV is a VR media player that allows you to play content from AfreecaTV. The player itself is packed with extra features. There is a Multiview mode that allows you to look at multiple pieces of content at the same time. eSports games display all information about the game and players. The app also features a virtual private space that you can decorate using 3D items.

Click here to view AfreecaTV.

AfterNow Prez Beta

Price = FREE

AfterNow Prez is a virtual presentation application. You can deliver live presentations right from within virtual reality in front of a real audience. This app is Zoom meets Powerpoint inside of virtual reality.

Click here to view AfterNow Prez Beta.

AfterNow Prez - Remote Training and Presentations

Agency (Tech Demo)

Price = FREE

Agency is a fun tech demo App Lab game. You are a Metacorp robot who receives new firmware called GENE.SYS. As soon as you receive the update, you awaken. Find your way out of the prison without being captured.

Currently, Agency is just a demo of a few non-playable scenes. The environment is beautiful and is on-par with top AAA Oculus Quest titles. The game is under development and a playable demo is coming soon.

Click here to view Agency

Agency Tech Demo for Oculus Quest

Aim XR

Price = FREE

Aim XR is a 5v5 multiplayer shooting game. The game similar to Call of Duty and other first person shooting games. Aim XR is fast paced and a lot of fun. You can play online against other people or offline against bots. You can equip your characters with different guns and weapons depending on your style.

Click here to view Aim XR.

Aim XR - Looking at the gunplay of the new kid on the VR FPS block

Air Hockey Arcade

Price = FREE

Air Hockey Arcade is a sports App Lab game demo. You get to play air hockey in a virtual environment against an AI opponent. There are 3 different difficulty levels to try out and real-time physics and lighting. The game has a full roadmap planned including multiplayer, social features, hand tracking support, achievements, and more.

Click here to view Air Hockey Arcade

Air Hockey Arcade Launch Trailer

Alien TSA

Price = Free

Alien TSA is a wave shooting game. You play a TSA agent assigned with one task: let paying passengers by while you taser the rest. You go as long as you can before the airline goes bankrupt. Alien TSA is a simple premise and easy to play.

Click here to view Alien TSA.


Price = $10

Alienation is a shooting game with sci-fi elements in it. It is inspired by movies like The Matrix, Equilibrium, and Ghost in the Shell. In each level, you have to shoot aliens and doge bullets. Each level has themed music and a unique design. Earn achievements for completing episodes and unlock new content.

Click here to view Alienation.

All Hail the Cook-o-Tron

Price = $20

All Hail the Cook-o-Tron is a VR cooking App Lab game. Built from the ground up for VR, it features both an arcade mode and a full campaign mode. Campaign features 36 unique levels and 6 different bosses to beat past.

Cook-o-Tron has 7 different food stations and 80 different dishes to create. There are tons of different customers, each with their own quirks and requests. Accurate physics have been built into the game.

Click here to play All Hail the Cook-o-Tron.

Best VR Cooking Game? | All Hail the Cook-O-Tron Review & Gameplay | SteamVR

Air Brigade

Price = $5

Air Brigade is a VR air combat game. Fly a fighter jet around the skies and defeat enemies. Earn money in the game which allows you to unlock more powerful and deadly aircraft. Air Brigade features realistic flying mechanics.

Click here to view Air Brigade.

ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos DEMO

Price = FREE

This is a demo of the popular ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos game, which can be found in the regular Oculus store. The game is a narrative based adventure game filled with robot battles and music. The full game features up to 20 hours of gameplay and a huge branching storyline to explore.

Click here to view ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos DEMO

Altdeus: Beyond Chronos Review - Noisy Pixel

Ancient Dungeon Beta

ancient-dungeon-vr oculus app lab game

Price = FREE

Ancient Dungeon VR is a rogue-lite dungeon crawler game. Each level is procedurally generated and is unique each time you play. Levels are filled with traps, secrets, and other loot to discover and find. As you progress through each level, the difficulty of enemies gets higher. Each dungeon has a different theme which affects the enemies and powerups in the levels.

You have to fight through monsters with your sword and throwing knife, while collecting powerups to improve your skills. You can buy and sell different upgrades and perks to improve your game. You have to challenge and defeat powerful bosses too.

Ancient Dungeon was one of the most polished games in the SideQuest store and we think it has a perfect home as an Oculus App Lab game.

Click here to play Ancient Dungeon VR.



arcaxer oculus app lab game

Arcaxer is a turn-based RPG game set in a sci-fi simulation world. In the game, you control your character in a third-person God mode. You’ll have to explored procedurally-generated dungeons to find equipment and new abilities for your character.

The hub world exists to interact with non-playable characters and to buy new items with credits you earn in the dungeon. There is a nice combat system in the game that is turn based. You have to time your attacks and dodge ones from the enemy.

Arcaxer features three different class types: Fighter, Mage, and Thief. There isn’t a lot of great VR RPG games for the Oculus Quest other than OrbusVR, so Arcaxer fill that niche nicely.

Click here to view the Arcaxer Oculus App Lab game.

NZMPLAYS: Arcaxer VR (Oculus Quest 2)


Price = FREE

Arkio is a design and sketch tool. You can sketch buildings, interiors, and urban environments in VR or on PC and view them on either. You can export your work to other 3D tools and Autodesk Revit. A rkio has been optimized for the Oculus Quest and features experimental hand tracking, enabling you to do all the main modeling operations using your hands instead of controllers.

Click here to view Arkio.


arrows oculus app lab game

Price = $10

Arrows is a VR tower defense game where a bow and arrow is your weapon of choice. Use your arrows to defend villages, castles, and temples from waves of bad guys. You can teleport around to improve your position and get an advantage over the vikings, knights, and ninjas.

The game has 30 different types of enemies, multiple environments, and three difficulties. There are over 27 unique levels to beat and special abilities to unlock along the way.

Click here to view the Arrows App Lab game.

ARROWS VR Archery Tower Defense Gameplay - Bow & Arrow Castle Defense Demo Oculus Quest SideQuest

Art Gate

Price = FREE

Art Gate is an interactive art market and gallery. Different exhibitors from around the world curate and host social art events in virtual reality. These exhibits are open to the public for free, but you can buy and sell art as well. has more details on it.

Click here to view Art Gate VR.

Intro to Art Gate VR

Art of Balancing

Price = FREE

Art of Balancing is a unique rock balancing game. Your job is to pick up stones and stack them up in order to make a balanced structure. The gameplay is woven into an interesting story where you have to restore the connection between past and present. The game is thoughtful and zen.

Click here to view Art of Balancing.

Art of Balancing, stack rocks in VR to calm down | Oculus Gameplay

Autonomic Nervous System Simulator

Price = FREE

This App Lab game is an educational app where users can see what happens to the autonomic nervous system in response to different chemicals. Users can add chemicals, including acetylcholine, norepinephrine, muscarine and nicotine to specific receptors and watch what happens to heart rate, respiration, gastrointestinal motility, blood pressure, pupil size and ocular pressure.

Click here to view Autonomic Nervous System Simulator.


Price = FREE

AVATOUR is a unique real-time remote presence app where a host can invite up to 9 remote guests to hang out In the same place together. You can live video chat as if you were sititing in the same room together.

In order to use AVATOUR, the host needs to have a 360 degree camera. It syncs up with the AVATOUR server and allows  everything to happen!

Click here to play AVATOUR.

Baby Hands

Complete List of Oculus App Lab Games to Play

Price = $20

Baby Hands is a fun sandbox game that has you playing a baby in the 90s. There are different puzzles and hidden objects to find as you explore a world of giant furniture, stuffed animals, and toys.

Baby Hands has a collection of cool mini-games, and more are added with each update.

As a baby, you can crawl around and interact with tons of objects around the house. Play with toys, find games, or make a mess. The game is innocent and fun and unique to play in VR. Baby Hands was previously available for the Oculus Rift before making its was as an App Lab game.

Click here to play Baby Hands.


Bacon Roll

Price = $5

Bacon Roll is a third person platform game for VR. You have to roll your pig through a ton of different levels to victory, away from the evil wolf chef to ruin his dinner. There are different power ups to help you escape and outfits that give you special bonuses when worn.

As you play, you’ll earn tomatoes, which can be used as currency to upgrade your powers. Bacon Roll is a unique and fun platform game for virtual reality.

Click here to view Bacon Roll

Bacon Roll: Year of the Pig VR - Gameplay

Ball Knight

Price = FREE

Ball Knight is an endless survival sword fighting game. Enemy balls come bouncing at you from all directions and it is your job to swipe through and destroy them. Last as long as you can and stay nimble and alert. There is a global leaderboard to complete for.

Click here to view Ball Knight.

Ball Knight Gameplay - Played On The Quest 2 And Downloaded From Sidequest VR

Ballgame Barrels

Price = FREE

Ballgame Barrels is an Oculus Quest hand tracking demo. It features a few different games to try out. You can grab different colored balls and put them into the right colored barrels. Or, you can grab different blocks and build a tower. The game promises more tech demos soon.

Click here to view Ballgame Barrels

Ballooning Adventures

Price = $6

Ballooning Adventures is a hot air balloon game that is partially a game and partially a calming experience. You get to pilot your balloon across the skies of three different realms. There are missions and objects to collect in each world.

Ballooning Adventures was first released over four years ago. It is now an App Lab game you can try out.

Click here to view Ballooning Adventures

Ballooning Adventures - Now available on Quest and Rift

Bard Hero

Complete List of Oculus App Lab Games to Play

Price = FREE

Bard Hero is a rhythm VR game. The graphics are lo-fi and the game is overall fairly simple. You have two mallets that you use to tap pads of specific colors as notes come flying by. The Oculus App Lab game demo features five different playable songs to start.

Bard Hero features a rhythm mode and a survival mode. Similar to Beat Saber, there are ten gameplay modifiers which make things easier or harder for you. The game also features optional hand tracking.

If you are new to VR and want to check out a free Beat Saber alternative, Bard Hero is worth a look.

Click here to play the Bard Hero VR App Lab game.

Basic Life Support

Price = $30

Basic Life Support is a VR training and simulation app for basic life support techniques. The app contains instruction tutorials and practice for CPR, danger airway, breathing, and calling for help.

Click here to view Basic Life Support.

Dr Osman Bhatti - Basic Life Support VR

Battle Arena VR

battle arena vr oculus app lab game

Price = FREE

Battle Arena VR is a multiplayer Oculus App Lab game. You are automatically matched online into maps for 2-5 players. Games are short and fast with a warmup and a cooldown stage to connect with other players. There is open voice chat during the game as well.

Battle Arena features a level up system and a global leaderboard to compete against. It is a fun multiplayer experience.

Click here to view Battle Arena VR.


Beat Blaster

Price = $10

Beat Blaster is a rhythm shooting game. Shoot, run, and dodge everything to the beat of the music. To clear each level, you must reach the end of the song without dying. There are over 30 tracks to play thorough. Beat Blaster is a faster paced Pistol Whip alternative.

Click here to view Beat Blaster.

Beat Blaster | PSVR Review

Big Breezy Boat

Price = $10

Big Breezy Boat is a sailing simulation game. Steer, control, and move around the board. The game features an option multiplayer mode and cross-play with the Oculus Rift and Go systems. Big Breezy Boat is relaxing and casual and comes from the MarineVerse team.

Click here to view Big Breezy Boat.

Big Breezy Boat VR

Black Hole Pool Demo

Price = FREE

Black Hole Pool is a VR pool game. This is a technology demo and preview of the upcoming full release of Black Hole Pool. In the demo, you can test out the physics and gameplay. You have to pot the pool balls in any order you would like. More updates are promised soon.

Click here to view the Black Hole Pool Demo App Lab game.

Black Hole Pool VR | App Lab | Gameplay | Oculus Quest 2


Price = FREE

Blinky is a curated streaming media app for VR. It is like Youtube but only with custom-curated 360 degree videos optimized for virtual reality. Check out Blinky daily for new releases and content.

In Blinky, you can also make a list of your top content. There are different categories for news, tour walkthroughs, music concerts, and more.

Click here to view Blinky.

Blobby Tennis

Price = FREE

Blobby Tennis is a VR tennis demo. The game takes place on the beach, where you can do tricks with a tennis racket and a ball. You can play back and forth with Blobby for fun or aim to score points. This demo has no fixed rules or goals and is a VR demo.

Click here to play Blobby Tennis.

Bonsai Desk

Price = $1

Bonsai Desk is a fun collaboration platform where you can watch Youtube videos live with a friend at the same time. You sit at a virtual desk together where you can build with blocks while you chat with your friend in virtual reality.

Click here to view Bonsai Desk.

Build with friends in VR

Breakout VR

Price = $7

Breakout VR is a reimagining of the classic arcade game in virtual reality. You are in a space ship and you can only move your ship left and right with your trigger buttons. Aim and destroy all of the bricks in order to reach the next level.

The early access release of the game features 15 levels, but more are added regularly over time.

Click here to play Breakout VR.

Breakout VR Trailer

Cactus Cowboy Portal VR

Price = FREE

Cactus Cowboy is a VR platform App Lab game. You play the title character, who has been kidnapped and imprisoned in a strange underground lab. Using your revolvers, fight your way through puzzles and enemies and up to the surface.

Click here to view Cactus Cowboy Portal VR.

Free Portal VR Game On Oculus Quest - Cactus Cowboy Portal VR Gameplay

Cake Mouse

Price = $7

Cake Mouse is a VR defense game. Your job is to defend and protect your cake at all costs. Mice will attack you and you have to act fast to keep them away. The only weapons you have to use are two toy hammers. You play in God mode over top of your battle arena. The game is very similar to whack-a-mole.

Click here to view the Cake Mouse App Lab game.

Candy Puzzle

Price = $4

Candy Puzzle is a VR version of the popular Cut the Rope mobile game. Candy is attached to various ropes and each level and your job is to cut them in a specific order in each level to feed your puppy. The game is a lot of fun in VR and familiar if you’ve played the original.

Click here to view Candy Puzzle

Click here to view the Candy Puzzle demo

Candy Puzzle | VR Game | Quest 1/2 | Oculus RIFT/S | Oculus AppLab

Car Parking Simulator

Complete List of Oculus App Lab Games to Play

Price = $10

Car Parking Simulator is exactly what it sounds like. It is a realistic and immersive car parking experience in full VR. It is a lot of fun and a unique experience for VR. There are different vehicles to try out, each with their own handling and nuances.

There is also a free roam mode around town with a realistic traffic system. You can complete activities and challenges around town. Car Parking Simulator features day and night cycles and 65 levels to complete!

Click here to view Car Parking Simulator on the App Lab.

LEARNING TO DRIVE IN VR ON QUEST 2 // Car Parking Simulator VR Gameplay // Car Parking Sim Quest 2

Carroll’s Riddles

Price = $5

Caroll’s Riddles is a game and learning experiences based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and The Game of Logic books. The game features puzzles that help you understand and learn about Carroll’s works. This is a paid demo version intended to fun further development in the project.

Click here to view Carroll’s Riddles.

Carroll's Riddles (Oculus Quest) v1.15


Price = FREE

Catapult is a companion app for makeSEA, a virtual reality collaboration platform. With a makeSEA account, you can launch Capapul and share your content and collaborate with others. You can save 3D content from your 3D creative tools. Check out makeSEEA for more information.

Click here to view Catapult

How to Use makeSEA Catapult to easily share user generated content using mixed reality (XR)


Price = FREE

CHARM VR is an educational App Lab experience designs to promote European tourism. You can explore an Italian museum called the Italian Pilot Village Cunziria.

Click here to view CHARM VR App.

Charming Villages Virtual Reality App


Price = FREE

Cheerio is a social VR application where you can match with strangers who share common interests with you. First, you create your own hologram. Then, you can meet and build relationships with other people one-on-one. You control who you meet through age and gender filters and what VR games they like to play.

Once matched, you can add each other as friends and go play multiplayer VR games together. Or, you can go explore locations around the world together with full Google Streetview integration.

Click here to view Cheerio.


Price = $2

Colorball is a bubble shooter App Lab game in VR. Your color is to connect balls coming at you with their same colors. The game switches things up by allowing you to catch and throw, shoot, slide, smash, or push balls around. If you get hit by any ball, you lose a life.

Colorball is easy and casual to play.

Click here to view Colorball.

Colorball VR | First Look

Control Room by QuarkXR

Price = FREE

Control Room is a free virtual desktop application. It lets you connect to your computer wirelessly and work completely in virtual reality. Powered by QuarkXR’s Unity SDK, you can move freely through different screens and adjust the curve and distance.

Coming soon, the application is adding multiplayer support for teams to work at the same time.

Click here to view Control Room by QuarkXR.

Control Room by Quark XR

Cosmic Flow: A Relaxing VR Experience

Price = FREE

Cosmic Flow is a kaleidoscopic meditation App Lab game. It is a relaxing VR experience that encourages connection and personal expression. Cosmic Flow gives you a feeling of relaxation that is designed to continue after you aree done playing VR.

Click here to view Cosmic Flow: A Relaxing VR Experience

Let's Play Cosmic Flow: A Relaxing VR Experience & Review - A Must Download Free Relaxation App!

Cosmic Sugar

Price = $10

Cosmic Sugar is a.physics sandbox used for art making and light shows. It allows you to create 3D visualizer environments around you. The game is therapeutic, relaxing, and unique.

Click here to view Cosmic Sugar.

Cosmic Sugar PRO: (htc vr) beauty in particles

Cover Drive Cricket Demo

Price = FREE

Cover Drive is a Cricket sports VR game. It is in active development and will be improved over time. Your objective is to score as many runs as you can during the super over. You can play against 5 different bowling types and 2 different difficulties.

Cover Drive features left or right handed batting, realistic physics, bat markers, and replays. Your top scores are saved so that you can try to beat your score.

Click here to play Cover Drive Cricket Demo.

Crazy Croquet

Price = $5

Crazy Croquet is a VR croquet app lab game. Croquet is a sports game where you have to hit balls through a goal in the ground. Crazy Croquet has realistic physics so that you can play the game just like it was real life.

Crazy Croquet features 12 levels, different racks, and different balls. The game features a global leaderboard and more content is coming soon.

Click here to play Crazy Croquet.

Crazy Croquet Trailer (Oculus Rift & Rift S)

Crazy Kung Fu

Price = $10

Crazy Kung Fu is a Kung Fu fighting game for VR. You start out with slow reflexes and no experience and work your way up to a master. Training in the game happens with a wooden training dummy. You use your hands and body to punch, block, and dodge spinning arms. Your stats are tracked, including speed, accuracy, and strength.

Click here to view Crazy Kung Fu.

Click here to view the Crazy Kung Fu demo.

Oculus Quest Crazy Kung Fu Gameplay | Become A Kung Fu Master!

Crisis VRigade 1

crisis vrigade sidequest vr

Price = $10

Crisis VRigade is a VR first-person shooter that lets players take on the role of a SWAT trooper. You have to deal with a hostage situation in a bank robbery and you’re put in the middle of the action.

Together with a SWAT team, you will have to deal with the situation and take care of the terrorists who are robbing the bank. Your mission is crystal clear: finish off all hostile elements and keep your teammates and the hostages alive. Make your way through the bank to the safe where the terrorists have hostages.

Crisis VRigade is not for beginner players. Each requires precision, accuracy, and some good thinking to complete. The game had racked up over 200,000 views on SideQuest VR before making the jump as an Oculus App Lab game.

Click here to view Crisis VRigade.

Crisis VRigade Co-Op Oculus Quest (Sumalab)

Crisis VRigade 2

crisis vrigade 2 app lab game

Price = $20

Crisis VRigade is the sequel to the popular co-op swat game. It takes all of the good things from the first game and amplifies it with more action, shootouts, and weapons. The scale of this sequel is higher than the original and everything has been built from the ground up for VR.

There are 4 different difficulty levels for each scenario in the game. Scenarios are built with realism in mind. And like Hitman, you can approach each level in different ways. VRigade 2 has improved boss battles at the end of each level. It also has full-body tracking support with bHaptics.

VRigade 2 has a more realistic art style over the original game.

Click here to play Crisis VRigade 2.

Crisis Vrigade 2 is on App Lab! | Oculus Quest Gameplay Footage

Crop Craze: Farming Simulator

Price = $10

Crop Craze is a VR faming simulator App Lab game. Your job is to buy seeds, grow crops, and sell them for a profit. You own the entire farm and can build it as you want!

Upgrade your farm to boost profits, buy animals, and add a greenhouse. You can purchase more land to expand your farm, while you manage your money.

Click here to check out Crop Craze: Farming Simulator.

Crop Craze: Farming Simulator Game Preview and Trailer


Price = FREE

Crumb is a unique VR escape room experience. You book a specific time and join together with up to 7 other friends who play the room at the exact same time as you do. There is also a live actor included in the process as well. So even though the Crumb App Lab game is free, it still costs money to book a time and experience.

More experiences are coming to the game soon.

Click here to view Crumb.

Adventure awaits...


Complete List of Oculus App Lab Games to Play

Price = $15

CYBER TENNIS is a VR tennis sports game! Your controller is your racket and you have to use realistic swinging motion to use it. The game features an in depth single player mode where you have to play other computer players in a tour format. You can build your own AI computer partner to play doubles matches in.

CYBER TENNIS also features an online mode. You can play tennis against other real players around the world. It contains a spectator mode so that you can watch others play as well.

For the release in the App Lab store, CYBER TENNIS contains 34 different characters and 7 different tennis court styles.

Click here to view CYBER TENNIS on the Oculus App Lab.

CYBER TENNIS - VR [Oculus Go, Gear VR]

D&I Perspectives

Price = $70

D&I Perspectives is a unique VR App Lab game where you get to experience life through the eyes of people with disabilities. You move through office scenarios during a regular work day. As you interact with people, they give clues as to who you are and what your story is. There are four different perspectives to check out. The game helps you build awareness for disabilities in a memorable way through the use of virtual reality.

Click here to view D&I Perspectives.

Make Real - Diversity & Inclusion: Perspectives Trailer (D&I #VR experience)


Price = $5

Daedalus is a first person platform VR game. You play Daedalus, imprisoned to prevent you from sharing your knowledge of Creta’s Labyrinth with others. Every night, in his dreams, Daedalus explores the intricate labyrinths aboard his own winged creations, trying to relive every step, each leap, each flight to freedom, attempting to escape his own tragedy.

Help him find the 3 platforms that open the gate of each level and explore the mysterious environments derived from a dream. As the levels progress, the difficulty rises and the architecture grows more and more perplexing. Boost yourself, glide, take advantage of the wind columns, make use of trampolines and activate mechanisms that pour new platforms at your feet to reach your objective.

Click here to play Daedalus.

Daedalus - Gameplay Walkthrough (with Commentary) Part 1 - Oculus Go Getters


Price = Free

DVID is a classic WaveShooter App Lab game. The first chapter has five different stages where you have to defeat waves of fighters. You can collect special weapons and powerups. Control your ship and your support drone to victory.

Click here to view DAVID.

DAVID VR Wave Shooter | Original gameplay

David Slade Mysteries: Case Files

Price = $10

David Slade Mysteries is a point and click VR adventure. It takes place on the streets of River Side, whre you play as David Slade and you have to solve mysterious cases. In each episode scene, you have to investigate the area, gather and document evidence, and discover clues to help you solf the mystery.

The game features one scene to start, with a free update coming soon with a second scene.

Click here to view David Slade Mysteries: Case Files.

David Slade Mysteries : Case Files VR Playthrough On The Oculus Quest

Days of Heroes: D-Day (Demo)

Price = FREE

Days of Heroes allows you to experience war from two different perspectives. Take on the role of an airborne division jumper who descends into enemy territory to destabilize the enemy troops under the cover of night. Alternately, become a soldier beginning their heavy crossing of Omaha beach on D-Day. 

In the game, you’ll have to take out Naxiz, destroy enemy tanks, and escape from a POW camp. The game features over a doxen weapons from World War II.

Click here to view Day of Heroes: D-Day



deisim vr oculus app lab game

Price = $7

Deisim is a VR God simulator. In the game, you play God and create a world as you want it. 

When you start a new game, you are provided a plain and clean canvas to start your creation. Perform miracles and provide resources to the people in your world. If things get out of line, you can even choose to leave them starve and die. You can also draw a land or water area and add different kinds of items to each. 

The purpose of Deisim is to advance your population to the modern age by giving them resources and performing miracles. Be efficient as a God and your population grow will grow larger. There is no specific end goal to the game. Your goal is to grow your population as high as you can before you lose control of it.

The game is incredible easy and fun to play. However, it does not hold your hand in any way. And some strategy in the game is not immediately obvious.  For simulation game fans, Deisim is well worth checking out.

Click here to view our ultimate strategy and gameplay guide for Deisim.

Click here to view Deisim on the Oculus App Lab store.

I AM A GOD! Deisim || Oculus Quest Game play


Price = $10

Descending is a VR horror game where you have to break the curse cast upon the estate of your house. You must solve puzzles while cautiously moving through your house. The game features a lot of “escape room” elements in its style of puzzles. You play with only a lighter for most of the game. Descending takes about 1 hour to complete.

Click here to play Descending.

Descent Alps

descent alps vr app lab game

Price = FREE

Descent Alps is a downhill skiing game in VR. As a skiier, you have to control your movement by shifting your weight in real time as you travel down the hill. Lean into curves and hunch down to carve the toughest parts of the slow.

Each level in Descent Alps has been matched to a different musical track. You have to match your motion to the beat as you travel down the hill.

There are not a lot of sports VR games. Descent Alps takes a unique concept and brings it to life in VR. It’s a fun and casual Oculus App Lab game worth checking out.

Click here to play Descent Alps.

Descent Alps Impressions on Quest 2 - Baby Yoda goes Skiing! // Side Quest

Directive Nine Early Access

Price = $13

Directive Nine is a VR first-person shooting roguelite game in a sci-fi setting. You choose your weapons loadout and then battle through space stations to expand your Galactic Federation and get rid of others. Enemies get more difficult as you play, so upgrade and expand your weapons to keep up.

Click here to play Directive Nine Early Access.

Directive Nine - VR Gamaplay

Disc Benders: Ace Run

Price = $13

Disc Benders is a disc golf VR App Lab game. It allows you to through disc golf frisbees with ultimate realism. Drive, curve, and sink long putts in order to score the lowest. Disc Benders has three full courses with over 40 holes to play. There is Free Play and Career Modes to check out.

You can play disc golf alongside up to four friends and socialize together when you play.

Click here to view Disc Benders: Ace Run.

Disc Benders: Ace Run Review. VR Disc Golf for the Oculus Quest available now from SideQuest.

Dr. Zaney’s Insane Labs

Price = $10

Insane Labs is a fun VR App Lab game where you get to build your arena before you play in it. There are different labs where you can build your items. When you are done, jump in and play your creation.

The labs in the game are:

  • Pinball
  • Mini Golf
  • Contraptions
  • Break Room (retro arcade games)

Dr. Zaney’s Insane Labs is one of the most unique VR games you can try today.

Click here to view Dr. Zaney’s Insane Labs.

Dr. Zaney's Insane Labs - Release Trailer

DvG: Conquering Giants Demo

Price = FREE

DvG stands for David verses Goliath and it’s an imaginative twist on the classic story of David versus Goliath. In this epic virtual reality game, YOU are the young shepherd boy tasked with protecting your sheep, your family, and your nation from the dangers of this world. Armed with a unique, powerful sling, you must fend off mutton-hungry wolves, ferocious lions, and massive bears! 

This is a demo of a game that will release in full later in 2021.

Click here to view DvG: Conquering Giants Demo.

DvG:Conquering Giants VR Demo | AppLab | Gameplay | Oculus Quest 2

Eavor-Lite: Virtual Tour

Price = FREE

Eavor-Lite is a demonstration app from the company with the same name. Eavor-Lite is a clean energy company that uses geothermal technology. It has no emissions, no water use, no brine, and no aquifer contamination. In this VR app, you get to demo the entire process and see how it works.

Click here to view Eavor-Lite: Virtual Tour. 

How Eavor's Technology Got Started​

Dynamic Spanish Trip – Long Weekend in Spain

Price = FREE

Dynamic Spanish Trips takes you on a tour to Spain. Visit and explore 4 places in Spain through a selection of 360 degree images and videos. You will learn about the culture, history, and language. This Spain trip is free, but you can buy other experiences as well on

Click here to view Dynamic Spanish Trips.

Dynamic Spanish Trips App Tutorial

Edge Factor VR

Price = FREE

Edge Factor is a career exploration App Lab game. It contains a ton of videos, quizzes, and challenges designed to give students a closer look at different careers. Watch demonstrations with industry professionals and interact with objects. Edge Factor is a unique way for teenagers and early adults to discover what they love doing.

Click here to view Edge Factor VR.

Edge Factor Overview: Inspiring Career Exploration in Your Community


Price.= FREE

Education XR is a 3D training and education platform. Educators can create training courses for VR, in addition to mobile and desktop. The platform has a full analytics platform and heat maps for user behaviour

Click here to view EducationXR.


Price = FREE

EnergieFitnessVRClub is an online VRR gym experience. You can walk around a virtual gym and learn about the equipment and how to work out properly. This is great for first time gym users to get a feel of what it is like before you step into the gym for real. It is mostly educational to expand your gym knowledge.

Click here to view EnergieFitnessVRClub.

énergie Fitness Stockton - VR Voice Over

Energysaber Masta VR

Price = $8

Energysaber Masta is a mix between Beat Saber and Supernatural VR and Star Wars. Equipped with two energysabers with built-in rail-guns, you have swing and destroy drones that come into your path. The game gives you a good workout, forcing you to compelte 360 arm swings, squats, and other moves. You have to rotate your body to dodge lasers and stay alive as long as you can.

Click here to view Energysaber Masta VR.

Energysaber Masta VR - Full Game Demo


Price = FREE

ENHANCE is a brain training game that lets you practice different cognitive skills like memory, flexibility. Problem solving, motor control, and information processing. You can play when you want and ENHANCE keeps track of your progress and scores. It is a unique VR learning game.

Click here to view ENHANCE.

ENHANCE VR Review & Gameplay


Price = FREE

EON-XR is a mixed reality experience from EON Reality. It allows teachers and educators to create full lesson plans and teaching modules in mixed reality. The platform has a full library of objects and items that can be placed into the lesson. Teachers can add voice-overs and interactive elements and then publish their results on the EON marketplace. Lessons can be viewed on the Oculus Quest via this App Lab game, or on mobile devices.

Click here to view EON-XR.

EON-XR: A New Age of Immersive, Resilient, Relevant Learning and Teaching in AR and VR

Escape Legacy

Price = $3

Escape Legacy is a VR escape room App Lab game. You play as Erica, determined to follow in the footsteps of her adventurous grandfather. In each room, you have to find ancient scrolls to help move the story along. Like other escape rooms, you have a timer that you work against.

Escape Legacy has highly detailed graphics. There are 10 levels with over 80 different rooms to explore. Escape Legacy features over 10 hours of gameplay!

Click here to view Escape Legacy.

Escape Legacy Oculus Quest escape room puzzle game. First level gameplay and review.

EuroleagueTV VR

Price = FREE

EuroleagueTV is a unique virtual reality trial for the basketball competition of the same name in Europe. Fans can take control of any camera in the arena and watch from different views in virtual reality.

Click here to view EuroleagueTV VR

Final Four First Vision VR 360: Fenerbahce Istanbul - Olympiacos Piraeus

Experience the Energy: Take the Tour

Price = FREE

Experience the Energy is a demo app that takes you onto the worksite in the energy industry. You can experience conventional and automated drilling, SAGD, mining, natural gas, and iother industrial processes. Check out careers in energy that eill help you pick a career path.

Click here to view Experience the Energy: Take the Tour

exVRience Golf Club

Price = $10

exVRience Golf Club is a full-swing golf simulator for virtual reality. You can play golf with realistic physics and a full course environment. exVRience features a full 18 hole course called Cave Lakes. It also has a 9-hole chipping challenge on the moon and 6 different driving range locations.

exVRience Golf Club is a growing golf simulation game. It features advanced swing mechanics, hole fly-overs, in-game statistics, and other features.

Click here to play the exVRience Golf Club App Lab game.

exVRience Golf Club

Evryway Visualiser

Price = $5

Evryway Visualiser is a 360 degree audio visualizer for VR. You can play any audio track from your Quest and this app gives you a visualizer to sit back and chill in. It has support for DLNA media servers had HearThis.Ai integration too.

This visualizer has hand tracking and 90 Hz refresh mode support.

Click here to try our Evryway Visualiser.

eyeora VR

Price = FREE

Eyeora VR is a drag-and-drop tool that allows you to create 360 degree scenes. Add real-time gaze control hotspots and auto-sync multiple camera angles. Eyeora makes it easy for anyone to create customized VR content.

Click here to view eyeora VR.

ViRtual AID 2020 - promo

Fear Dead House

Price = $3

Fear Dead House is a VR horror game where you explore different Paranormal Activities in a house. Make your way through the horror house and experience different things like ghosts, zombies, crying dolls, a flying skeleton, and more. Move around with only a torch and face your fears to move on.

Click here to view Fear Dead House.

Fear Dead House - Official Trailer | VR Game | Horror Game | Oculus Game | Oculus Quest 1/2 | RIFT/S

Feeder Protection Relay Training

Price = FREE

Feeder Protection Relay Training is an electrical training course that offers a step-by-step introduction into modern feeder protection relay systems. The training is done in full VR, helping teach concepts with audio and visual cues.

Click here to view Feeder Protection Relay Training.

Feeder Protection Relay VR Training (Based on ABB REF615) | Oculus Quest

FigureOut VR

FigureOut is a virtual reality puzzle App Lab game. You have to use your given figured to fill empty fields in a game that feels like Tetris in some ways. FigureOut is full room-scale and features over 100 different levels and 2 different difficulties.

You can also upload your own music into the game to listen to while you play.

Click here to check out FigureOut VR.

Find My Phone: The Game

Price = FREE

Find My Phone is a story-driven comedy game. Your phone is missing and you have to search the world for clues in where it might be. There are unhelpful and cheeky clues given to you along the way.

In this game, you get to use a virtual tablet in VR to help you on your journey. Find My Phone is a casual Oculus App Lab game experience.

Click here to view Find My Phone: The Game.

Find My Phone App - The Game | Oculus Quest 2 Review | Hunting a virtual phone in VR [SPOILERS]


Price = $10

Flowborne is a breathing and meditation VR app. It has you move through different levels by controlling your breathing. The Oculus touch controller sits on your stomach and monitors your inhale and exhales. Flowborne is one of the most unique and exciting VR App Lab games.

There rarer 24 different journeys to travel through in the game. Flowborne was created by psychologists with stress reduction and relaxation in mind.

Click here to view Flowborne.

Forest Farm Demo

Price = FREE

Forest Farm Demo is a VR farm simulator. Seed, grow, and harvest plants and trees. Make money so that you can grow your farm and expand into new areas. Everything in the game is regenerative so farm wisely and plant your next move. More mechanics and game play are being added to Forest Farm regularly.

Click here to view Forest Farm Demo.

Forest Farm is like Stardew Valley VR

Frog Hands Steve

Price = FREE

Frog Hands Steve is a unique VR game where your hands are frogs. You have to eat as many mosquitoes as you can in three minutes. This is a fun and casual game that is easy to play in a larger group. The game keeps track of your high score as you play.

Click here to view Frog Hands Steve.

Frog Hands Steve Trailer

Fugitive 3D

Price = FREE

Fugitive 3D is an online multiplayer hide and seek game! VR and computer players can play alongside each other in the same game. Fugitives hide in the bushes and cops do the searching. If you are a fugitive, you have to make it to the end zone without getting caught. Cops must drive around shining your flashlight to find bad guys.

Fugitive 3D features positional VOIP so that fugitives can talk to each other in close proximity. At the end of each game, there is a replay that everyone gets to watch. This game is a unique VR experience and one worth checking out today.

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Playing "Fugitive 3D" VR Game By Stumpy Dog Studios - SideQuest - Oculus Quest 2 Virtual Reality

Fun House

Price = $10

Fun House is a toy sandbox App Lab game where you have to build and solve puzzles with different classic toys. Solve classic puzzles and play with toys from your childhood. The experience is fun, light-hearted, and comforting. Build custom creations and take pictures of what you made.

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