Deisim Creator Now Working on Game Full Time

Tommy Maloteaux, founder of Myron Softare and developer of Deisim, has announced that he is now working on the game as his full time job. It is the first public success story following Oculus’ unveiling of its App Lab earlier in February.

Maloteaux has been working on the game in his spare time over the past four years, spending evenings and weekends to improve the game. Over the last few years, the game has become increasingly complex and fleshed out. Updates were seen every 3-6 months.

Deisim was one of the first games to launch in the Oculus App Lab. It has racked up over 131 reviews so far on the platform, with 88% of those being 5-stars. It was the first paid game in the App Lab to reach 100 reviews.

With this news, players of the game will be happy to know that updates will be coming more frequently. Tommy announced the following changes and updates coming to the app on Discord:

  • Game update rate will increase a lot. At least one update per month is targeted.
  • The next update will feature Future Age stuff and Oculus Quest optimization.
  • In two weeks, work will begin on the most requested featuring: The Kingdoms

The price of Deisim will increase from $7 to $14 in the coming months, so users should check out the game now while the 50% discount is still on!

Go and check out our ultimate Deisim tutorial guide, which shows you how you play the game!

Deisim Creator Now Working on Game Full Time

What is Deisim?

Deisim is a god simulator game developed specifically for virtual reality. In the game, you get to create your own world by expanding the land with different terrain such as grass, forest, mountains, or ice. As your world grows, you supply your population with resources and perform miracles for them.

The job is a balancing act as you try to help mankind evolve from the stone age to modern times. Natural disasters and special events try to slow you down as you try to increase your population.

Deisim is a single player game exclusively for VR headsets such as the Valve Index, Oculus Rift S, or Oculus The game has been in ‘Early Access’ as a demo since 2017 and has added features regularly since then.

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