The Release Date for Gorn on Oculus Quest Has Been Announced

The release date for Gorn, a popular PC VR game, has been announced for the Oculus Quest. It comes to the Quest on January 28th so there is not long to wait!

Gorn has been announced and upcoming for the Oculus Quest for a long time. The development team hinted earlier this month that a Quest launch was imminent. And now, the official Twitter page has posted the official news.

Gorn is violent gladiator simulator game created by Free Lives. It features a full physics engine and allows you to battle and execute enemies in brutal ways. Use swords, maces, bows, nun-chuks, knives, and other outrageous equipment to get the job done. Gorn has received a 94% positive rating on Steam since it launched back in July of 2017.

Oculus Quest fans have been requesting good sandbox games on the platform for a while. Gorn is similar to Blade and Sorcery, another Steam-only sandbox combat game. It also compares to Battle Talent, a gladiator sandbox game that you can install through the SideQuest VR store.

Check out a full video review of Gorn below while you wait for the official Oculus Quest release date.

DESTROYED BY THE CRAB KING!!! - Gorn Gameplay | HTC Vive
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